Thursday, 12 July 2012


Trans-Pacific Partnership: Corporate New World Order - more people waking up at last (v @kaatje36 @Anarchiel)#TPP

CSIRO to embrace #openaccess - great news from #australia (v @petersuber)

Google Maps' 'Bicycling' route-finding arrives in UK - just in time for summer - oh, wait... 

EU unitary patent: Council move would infringe EU law, says EP rapporteur - good to see #EP fighting back

#Ushahidi and the Long Tail of Mapping for Social Change - interesting issues

What Happens If File Sharing Can Also Be Prosecuted As #Trademark Infringement? - ouch #ACTA #copyright

Assessing European complicity in the #CIA rendition programme is overdue - certainly is #torture

What To Do If Prosecuted For Sharing Culture: STFU - interesting point about open wifi

#OpenData – la Conference (2012-09-27). Data is truth. - 3 questions; great answers

The Basic Science Of #ClimateChange Is Undeniable - good summary, lots of graphs

#Opensource Ouya gaming platform killing it on Kickstarter -"Tell us what you would like stretch goals to be" #android

They are watching your votes, Council and Parliament! - important site relaunched #eu

What we still don’t know - the amazing #galaxyzoo is 5 years old#crowdsourcing #openscience

ISOC concerned about participation in #TPP negotiations - as well they might be

Le nozze di Chico? - a lovely conceit #mozart #opera

#Canada's PM Stephen Harper faces revolt by scientists - about time, too #science

#ACTA Failure Inspires The Most Clueless Column Ever - do not miss this epic debunking by @mmasnick

Reforming #copyright for digital age: EC takes an big step forward - lovely, justified dig at Gallo by @NeelieKroesEU 

Megaupload and the twilight of #copyright - mainly of interest as eg of pervasive bias against subject (v @howardknopf)

#DCMS: Who Cares What the Public Thinks? - why "consumer perspective" seminar was a failure at every level #copyright

MT @glynwintle Big Brother Watch saying that by proxy you have a central database and filtering provisions allow fishing trips #ccdp >>yes

#CCDP annoying that today's session was cut short - lots of good points being made about why this is a terrible idea, terribly implemented

EC Says #ACTA ISP Provisions Dropped from #CETA, Yet Most of ACTA Likely Remains Intact - #transparency now

One day, three deals, $150 million in #opensource funding - not bad going... (v @Mark_Antony)

Scholarly publishing is broken: time to consider guerrilla self-publishing? - seriously broken (v @petermurrayrust)

Leveson: Freedom of expression and the press are different rights - yup

New OpenStreetMap maps website with state-of-the art features by skobbler - good to see #osm

ITU Calls Summit To Tackle Patent Litigation - important: this is why #FRAND must go for #openstandards

Record number of blue whales feast in Pacific's 'Serengeti' - good news for a change

Unitary Patent: European Parliament reinstall a democratic procedure - another chance to talk to MEPs about #swpats

US Senate Holds Hearing on "Standards Essential Patents" - is worried about #FRAND for standards

Stop Olympic Tax-Dodging - #london2012 is disgraceful enough without this #epetition

What Jobs? After NAFTA-Style Deal, an Unparalleled Surge in Korea Trade Deficit - so what happens with #TPP?

San Diego says no to the #TPP - nice work; now we need this in every city the #TPP circus visits

StopMonsanto Film Project - you can help make it (happen)#monsanto #indiegogo

The "#Monsanto Rider": Are Biotech Companies About to Gain Immunity From Federal Law? - wow, incredible (v @dozykraut)

#TPP: A Global Attack by the One Percent - more people waking up to the issues here (v @CatherineCrier)

#India Moves Even More Of Its Healthcare Away From Western Pharma - would be crazy not to #generics

Wikimedia Shop starts to roll out to the public - #wikipedia merch? well, I never...

#Romania must not sell out traditional farmers to the biotech giants - Common Agricultural Policy needs fixing 

How Not To Deal With The Media Part 94: Entitlement Edition -! #pr

Censoring The Pirate Bay is Futile, ISPs Reveal - well, of course...

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