Saturday, 14 July 2012


South Korea Gives Mobile Operators Permission To Ignore# NetNeutrality By Surcharging Or Blocking VOIP Services - why?

loss of #netneutrality on #EU mobile networks - really rather widespread (v @linotherhino)

ISP Entanet UK Slams Anti-Piracy Digital Economy Act Law as Out of Date - & useless (v @Coadec)#deact

Jimmy Wales is fighting for British rights; he/we needs your help - he does #odwyer

When life gave O2 network failure, it made networkfailureade on Twitter - nicely done (v @Glinner)

Helsinki's #opensource proponents object to secrecy on software costs - how can they claim "trade secrets" here? #fi

UK Government’s new #lobbying proposals slated by MPs - more good work by parliamentary committees

#Android Hits 51.8% Market Share In the U.S. - windows hits, er, 4.3% #smartphones

The Rise of the New Economy Movement - the future (v @mbauwens)

Illegal-Ivory Bust Shows Growing U.S. Appetite for Elephant Tusks - that's bad; good to see seizure here

#Bulgaria formally throws out #ACTA - let's hope others follow - lookin' at you, #mexican senate...

NY Considering Bill To Require #OpenAccess To State Funded Research - more good news

Martial Law Britain - truly a disgrace how #london2012 has brought out the worst in this country

DG Enterprise needs to kick corporate lobbyists out of its expert groups - we need experts, not just lobbyists #eu

Is The EU's Proposed Reform Of Music #Licensing Doomed From The Start? - Gallo is rapporteur; enough said #copyright

An Invasive Plant Is Killing #Wombats in #Australia - this is desperately sad (v @BoraZ)

The extinction that is yet to come - obvious, but depressing (v @danicar)

Commission set for fresh collision course over #Acta copy-cat clauses - festering over summer hols (v @teirdes)#CETA

Lords Committee knocks Digital Economy Act Costs Order - don't forget to make your submission by 26 July #DEAct

How-To: Build an Anti-ACTA-Campaign  - great description by one of key people who helped stop #ACTA (v @rmack)

MPAA Points To Its Roster Of Crappy Online Services And Asks What We're Complaining About - ungrateful peasants

boost for biomedical & health researchers as UK PubMed Central embraces Europe - excellent news (v @McDawg)#openaccess

Reacciones en torno a la firma de #ACTA - come on, Mexico, time to fight back against the lies (v @PostActa)

Korean company's tiny quad-core ARM #Linux computer packs a punch at $129 - try achieving that price with #windows

Civil servant admits British police grabbing location data of thousands of innocent people - i.e. no capability gap

NTA Applauds #Mexico for Signing #ACTA - somehow omits to mention its utter defeat in#EU (v @PostActa)

Secret hearings extend their reach into Britain’s judicial system - "national security" does not trump rights

2 fab pieces of news for #opensource in #italy - & let's hope this spreads

"Unos y otros derechos pueden coexistir, también en Internet" - this is what you don't grasp (v @PostActa)#ACTA

UK Gov Wants To Give Itself Power To Change #Copyright Law Without Full Parliamentary Scrutiny - what could go wrong?

Un-patents - how should we do them?

#TPP Recap: San Diego Negotiations - sounds like lack of resources a big problem

NB says you can't link to #london2012 site in "derogatory manner"; what, like this? what a bunch of morons

(last link v @jilliancyork @indexoncensorship)

New Japanese #Copyright Law Doesn’t Seem To Make Any Sense - how do you say "dog's breakfast" in japanese?

O que é o Marco Civil da internet brasileira? - it's jolly important, that's what #brazil

English language #Wikipedia hits 4 million articles! - impressive; kudos to all (v @Joscelyn)#opencontent

The Public Isn't Buying What The Feds Are Selling When It Comes To #CybersecurityLegislation - calling their bluff

Meteorites, not comets, may have brought water to Earth - can't they make up their minds?

FCC: SOPA is terrible (when Russia does it) - hypocrisy, they name is, er, politician

Baird: #RIM Is Bleeding Developers - this is a surprise to anyone?

Reddit Code Poster Deletes Account Amid Threats - huh?

You are your bellybutton lint - well, obvs

Call for a progressive agenda on creation and #innovation: you input requested - great to see this (v @teirdes)

The Swedish Experiment: #Spotify Helps Recording Industry Make Lots Of Money - listening, recording industry? #se

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