Friday, 27 July 2012


#SOPA/PIPA Wakes Up Internet Giants To Realize They Need To Be More Engaged In DC - better late than never

KEI comment on SCCR 24 - key issue is shaming European Commission into following European Parliament line

Is Civic Hacking Becoming 'Our Pieces, Loosely Joined?' - points #modularity #reuse

The Story Behind Record Ice Loss in Greenland - good, detailed analysis (v @TomRaftery @jzb)

Protesters: Free trade deals, drug patents derail AIDS fight - people realising that patents can kill #TPP

Kaspersky Denies Kremlin Ties, Compares Himself to Indiana Jones - you decide...

Apple's buying power relegates Samsung to distant second - important aspect, often overlooked #supplychain

Anonymous hacks Australian ISP AAPT to show data retention problems - important point, maybe not beset way to make it

Meteor Open Source Project Gets $11.2M Led by Andreessen Horowitz - #opensource is hot

Droid X360 Is The Standard-Bearer For Counterfeit Chinese Products - #android-based, ships with 9 emulators; impressive

FOIA "enhanced Britain's democratic system & made public bodies more open, accountable & transparent" - (v @tom_watson)

Gunsmith Uses #3DPrinter To Make A Rifle - how long before laws passed to "stop" this? (v @cstross @UnlikelyWorlds)

Microsoft to open new Xbox studio in London - so that's#amazon#facebook & #microsoft in the last week (v @swardle)

UK #NetNeutrality Under (Coded) Attack - as expected, voluntary "Open Internet Code of Practice" is useless; laws now

Why we need Open, Hackable Materials now – An Interview with Catarina Mota - interesting area #openhardware

The Olympics — Welcome to the Machine - great piece: "an exten­sion of ongo­ing copy­right wars" (v @jmcest @ralpost)

Wyden Traps Feds In Their Own Words: #ACTA Explanation Opens Up Big Hole In Cybersecurity Bill - bravo, nicely done

The ironies of academic publishing: The system is stupid and it’s time for a new manifesto - yup (v @MsCastan @klang67)

Police must empty crisps into plastic bags 2 avoid advertising rival brands in Olympics - (v @ralpost @TaylorHerringPR)

Call For Participation - 4 conferences around #opensourcefor your summer delectation

Windows Azure outage hits Europe - people forget that clouds can go down, too...

Police Sting Operation Yields No Mobile Phone Thefts - people's basic honesty & decency

Consultation on proposals to change the UK's #copyright system - all 471 of the responses; some are hilarious

Changing My Mind on #Microsoft - doomed because Windows 8 tries to do what #Ubuntu Unity tries to do (v @robinwauters)

Europe Wants #Drones To Spot Illegal Immigrants at Sea -, that was inevitable...

RIANZ wants to filter your Internet - everybody's doing it#newzealand #censorship (v +Bill Bennett)

OA advocate Stevan Harnad withdraws support for RCUK policy - if true, this looks disastrous for UK #openaccess

A trade deal that sets a bad precedent - more reasons why#CETA is bad news (v @mgeist)

Highlights from USTR’s Civil Society Briefing on the State of the #TPPNegotiations - sorry, this is faux #transparency

RIAA: Online Music Piracy Pales In Comparison to Offline Swapping - so why bother destroying the Net?

Not Long After Passing #Censorship Legislation, Russian Government Censors All of LiveJournal - hey, at least be subtle

Are spoof Twitter accounts at risk? - sadly looks like it

Legacy Artists Sign Letter Demanding ISPs & Search Engines Pitch In To Return Them 2 Their Former Glory - fine takedown

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