Monday, 16 July 2012


Munich mayor says switch to #Linux is much cheaper and has reduced complaints - & he should know

Gallo: "I am delighted to have been appointed Rapporteur" - licensing doomed (v @ralfgrahn)#eu

Garbage-eating drone destroys ocean pollution - er, could we deploy these now, please...?

Government-backed plans for a #creationist-run Free School - yeah, let's teach children demonstrably false information

Job opening at CERN: SCOAP3 Consortium and Operation Manager - wanna work at CERN? course you do #openaccess (v+Peter Suber)

Swedish Govt Greenlights Database Over Transgendered, Jews, Medically Weak, Gypsies, Trade Unionists. - huh? #se

Beyond Users' Rights: Supreme Court Entrenches Technological Neutrality as a New Copyright Principle - important #ca

Canada Excluded From Next Round of #TPP Negotiations - has even less say on what it's bound by

Pirate Bay block effectiveness short-lived, data suggests - as everyone told them would happen

Is A Petition Calling For A Pardon Of The Pirate Bay's Peter Sunde 'Offensive'? - no: asking the question is offensive

Hardware Hacks: The Raspberry Pi is everywhere - on the up

Top German court says RapidShare must monitor link sites for piracy - could get messy

Gerichtsurteil erlaubt anonyme Nutzung offener WLANs - #de

US 'the enemy' says Dotcom judge - whoa #copyright #tpp

#TPP talks likely to conclude by October 2013 - deluded comments from #malaysia

olympics epic BSOD! LOL! - is this real? surely even#london20102 not that stupid to use win?  @lee_alley @MarkGoodge 

When Galaxies Collide: Beautiful Images of Cosmic Impacts - wow: if these don't blow your mind, you're probably dead

more #london2012 idiocy: see if you can work this one out: be some kind of portal.... (v @Plus_haut)

UK #Labour party sucks up to Big Content - didn't the#DEAct do enough damage?

Google’s Marissa Mayer Tapped as Yahoo’s Chief - be fun to watch (v @laurenweinstein)

After Monmouthpedia, #Gibraltar stakes its claim as “world’s first Wikipedia city” - uh-huh

US govt picks on UK youth - rightly angry piece by dave winer about #odwyer

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