Sunday, 15 July 2012


Is #OpenData A Boon Or A Bane? - not as obvious as you might think

Aerial photograph reveals widower's secret heart-shaped tribute - nice private gesture (v @Glinner)

#ACTA en #México - what senators think (v @luisbetoknows)

Troll sues Facebook, Amazon and others for using #Hadoop - come the parasites #patents

Judge blasts colleagues for defying SCOTUS, allowing financial patent - quite right too

Russia And China Both Want To 'Protect Children'; Both Want To Do It By Increasing#Censorship - just like the UK & US

#Wikipedia parent to launch travel guide with wikitravel rebels - #travel #opencontent

RIM may appeal $147.2m verdict in patent lawsuit, says it will await further rulings before deciding - unlucky or what?

1-star reviews of Olympic Mascots Wenlock Policeman Figurine - catch them before they're deleted (v @cstross)

English-German translators needed for GMWatch monthly review - help, please...

.@ukhomeoffice: Stop the extradition of Richard #ODwyer to the USA #SaveRichard - pl. sign if you haven't already

Supreme Court: RapidShare Liable For #Copyright Infringement – Sometimes - clear as mud

Completely unintended consequences: “culture” in e-commerce -"humour and satire invade the depths of e-commerce"

leaked version of #CETA Consolidated text from Jan 2010 - old but complete; can compare with #ACTA (v +Wendy Cockcroft)

GNU #Octave Conference 2012 - "user and developer conference from July 16th to July 20th at the Université de Montréal"

#Olympics magic v political & corporate malfeasance - good summary of this sick waste of money #london2012

MT @skwashd I've been helping LOCOG tweak the logo for ‪#London2012‬ ‪#Olympics‬, so it's accurate. >>do I dare link?

Emily, you did nothing wrong, but you made mistakes - #RMS has a few words for that Emily... #music #sharing

A Sketch Map of Part of the #G4S Corporate Structure + payments  - wow: important (v @matlock @barefoot_techie)

London 2012: Welcome to the #Censorship Olympics - if even the#dailymail is saying it... #london2012

The Return of the Pirates - not sure they ever went away, but still, they're certainly here in force #SOPA #ACTA #TPP

Filmmaker Pledges to Live Open Source for a Year - intriguing

EU Research funds: a €20 billion gift to industry! - our money: we need sw to #opensource#openaccess & #opendata

#XBMC For #Android - people seem excited by this; maybe I should be too... (v @laurenweinstein)

La relación de #ACTA con las negociaciones de #México en #TPP - good explanation (v @roblesmaloof @PostActa)

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