Tuesday, 3 July 2012


[RT] This Week We Kill #ACTA – Or Get Locked Down In Monopolies For Decades - http://bit.ly/LPumRS this is it, people: pl. contact MEPs

Touched By The Hand Of #Eno: 150 Tracks From 150 Brian Eno Recordings on Spotify - http://bit.ly/MCxWOo astonishing

Norwegian Girls' Choir was censored in the United Nations - http://bit.ly/N3uxq5utterly pathetic (v @ThAOSteen)#censorship #un

EU Customs proposals bring more woe for patents - http://bit.ly/OUrTp4 woe for us, more like #intellectualmonopolies

[RT] "a government-approved "black box" which will decrypt the message" -http://bit.ly/KV4XVk insanity (v @glynwintle @Info_Activism)#uk

Australia's #Copyright Act gets digital upgrade - http://bit.ly/Nd36sB terms of reference released

America: A Fire Sale to Foreign Corporations - http://bit.ly/MMQibO more reasons why #TPP is awful & dangerous

NB MEPs: EU Commissioner Reveals He Will Simply Ignore Any Rejection Of#ACTA By European Parliament [This] Week - http://bit.ly/OkJGpj [RT]

Help us defeat #ACTA! - http://bit.ly/N3Eeow Access Now will be on the ground in Strasbourg.  I've given $100 - pl. give what you can

Why #DRM Must Be Outright Banned: Because Legislation Isn’t Coding -http://bit.ly/OYd1Y9 indeed #freedom

Declaration of Internet Freedom - http://bit.ly/MCKGVe this is what we need, not #ACTA#SOPA, or #TPP; pl. sign and RT

A dangerous investment: Australia, New Zealand and #TPP -http://bit.ly/MCLnh6 come on people, you'd be mad to sign up to this (v @DrRimmer)

The European Union under the threat of #patents - http://bit.ly/MN6HNp good explanation of what's at stake in the other big July 4 vote

UK Gov proposals on #orphan works: "after a diligent search & confirmed by an independent authorising body" [pdf] - http://bit.ly/MOJko5

The MEP code of conduct: six months on - http://bit.ly/KVXJ3C still lots to do on #lobbying

#ACTA Update XX: The Final Act - http://bit.ly/KOb3lR this is it, people: let's finish off ACTA once & for all

Why the UK’s porn filter plans are just an illusion - http://bit.ly/MON2hM they just don't work well enough

A new open-access venture from Cambridge University Press -http://bit.ly/LrZbr5 exciting: #openaccess & maths

Announcing The Declaration Of Internet Freedom - http://bit.ly/MNy4Ka@techdirt has some background to this important initiative; pl. sign

Down with #ACTA! The EU must protect our commons - http://bit.ly/MNsyEpJoint press release by 53 European and International organisations

Google: We provided $80bn of US economic activity with our search and advertising tools in 2011 - http://tnw.co/MNzWm9 hmm, maybe...

#ACTA vote: confirmed that EPP will call for delay, at today's meeting at 17:00 in Strasbourg. let's hope enough anti-ACTA MEPs are there...

Schluss mit #ACTA! Die EU muss unsere Gemeingüter schützen! -http://bit.ly/LfbJXy 55 europäische und internationale Organisationen 

Bundesrecht frei im XML-Format verfügbar - http://bit.ly/LKX9oO nice#opendata move (v @LukasKawerau)#law #de

Mozilla’s HTML5 Phone Project, Now Christened #Firefox OS, Signs Sprint and Other Carriers - http://dthin.gs/MNRyON better (v @monkchips)

RT @jerezim EuroParl plenary. Unitary Patents vote will be postponed by S&D+EPP. will EPP attempt to postpone final #ACTA vote as well?

RT @MarietjeD66 Ah, ok,@EPPGroup doesnt ask for postponement #ACTA#muchadoaboutnothing >>this is getting confusing

RT @jerezim no postponment of #ACTA vote!!! it's the finaaal couuuntdooown! (till Wednesday, 12h30, 10th item on agenda)

Last push to kill #ACTA: act now or the Internet gets it - http://bit.ly/M08ON5you heard what the man said

Drinking #Coffee May Reduce Risk of Most Common Form of Skin #Cancer -http://bit.ly/M1aMON let's hope (v @laurenweinstein)

MT @MarietjeD66 Emails & lobby against #ACTA have also driven people away. Methods unrefined, MEPs also have other work>>tricky one

'Governments that embrace #opendata will also switch to #opensource' -http://bit.ly/Newm1T interesting assertion 

#Mozilla Gains Global Support For a #Firefox Mobile OS - http://bit.ly/OWWoegofficial blog post on the news

#Nokia: We have a Windows Phone 'contingency plan' - http://cnet.co/OWWN0dtwo cans & a piece of string...

Historische Entscheidung: #Kosovo erhält volle Souveränität -http://bit.ly/LstfTD hmm, wonder how this will pan out?

Time For Members of Congress to Pledge to Uphold Internet #Freedom -http://bit.ly/NeAX4k a bit radical, no?

crucial vote to create a vital whale sanctuary encompassing the entire South Atlantic Ocean - http://bit.ly/OdDwWZ please sign, this matters

MT @jerezim @EPPGroup#EPP will ask during tomorrow's debate on #ACTAfor a postponement of the vote until ECJ's ruling.>>more tricks?

Interviewed: Raj Patel, Author of The Value of Nothing - http://bit.ly/N6Xbal we don't need more food, we need to distribute it better

RT @EPPGroup#EPP will ask during tomorrow's debate on #ACTA for a postponement of the vote until we have ECJ's ruling.>>outrageous stuff

RT @jerezim This is maybe how the EPP will attempt to (once again..) disgracefully postpone final #ACTA vote: http://ur1.ca/9pnav #Politics

Crowdfunded Album Leaps Onto The Charts, Sells More Than Rihanna And Coldplay - http://bit.ly/M0X8d6 more great data points

#ACTA: I've heard that EPP is still divided over whether to ask for a postponement: anyone else hearing this?

RT @Falkvinge The main proposal before the Europarl is the INTA opinion. EPP submits counter-motion to postpone. All above board. >>#ACTA

Intellectual property rights: the quiet killer of Rio+20 - http://bit.ly/P1ubEaactually, this greed & selfishness could kill us all...

US trade agency raps #Ecuador over Chevron pollution lawsuit -http://bit.ly/OXW138 a foretaste of what #TPP will bring (v @wikileaks)

James Watson, Co-Discoverer Of #DNA, Says 'Patenting Human Genes Was Lunacy' - http://bit.ly/MPxzMB & he should know... #genepatents

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