Thursday, 5 July 2012


the ‪#ACTA‬ vote in detail - really interesting data about which MEP did what yesterday (v @NomDuClavier)

How #ACTA Nearly Won - fascinating analysis and points from @webmink

#ACTA: it's time to rethink - good to see people starting to question ACTA in #AU

Japanese record companies to ditch DRM on digital downloads - the slow death of #DRM continues

mySociety’s Components Strategy – Our take on Small Pieces Loosely Joined - sounds exciting #opensource #activism

Toasters hit with tariff to reflect bread’s value - nicely done  (v @howardknopf)#levies

#SouthKorea unveils 'scientific' whaling proposal - & reckless: "J-stock of minke whales is severely depleted"

call for withdrawal of complaints against Indian Rationalist Sanal Edamaruku - utterly absurd #epetition

Anonymous hints at payback for pro-ACTA MEPs - this would be a propaganda gift for pro-ACTA: please don't @AnonyOps

IFLA and other library organizations express concern at #TPPA IP chapter - librarians are rightly angry

Send Flowers to the European Parliament for Rejecting #ACTA - this is a brilliant idea

#China trains its cannons on digital pirates - interesting move

Dominic Dyer, the CPA, and a Serious Lapse by the New Statesman - sane & well-argued response to disinformation #food

Europe sues to continue taxing digital content higher than physical - crazy

#Acta in tatters after MEPs wield veto - "the result is a huge blow for the commission" (v @teirdes)

First come black boxes, then comes the abuse - excellent post: read and react #cdb #uk #snooping

So We Won on #ACTA Yesterday: Now What? - some first thoughts

UK Pensioner Could Face Arrest For Atheist Poster - this is bonkers #freespeech

RT @PostActa 3 years ago i was @openacta then….@stopactanow…. now: Welcome to @PostActa Information stream #ACTA >>fab idea

Hello Democracy, Goodbye #ACTA - the video: short but v sweet (v @PostActa)

The #Gates Foundation's Leveraged #Philanthropy: Corporate Profit versus Humanity on Three Fronts - v important report

Απορρίφθηκε η #ACTA από το Ευρωπαικό Κοινοβούλιο! - in case you hadn't heard

Public consultation on future of EU-US trade & economic relations - let's make this a #postacta FTA (v @wendycockcroft)

Realsatire-Alarm: Die CopyPolice kommt! - hilarious#copyright

Die Hintermänner der Anti-#ACTA-Proteste - what a surprise Big Bad Google again, I suppose </yawn>

New MapIt Global: An Administrative Boundaries Web Service for the World - fab: #opensource built on #openstreetmap

Judge who threw out Apple/Moto case calls patent litigants "animals" - what a sound chap he is #swpats

6 Reasons Samsung, HTC, and Motorola Should Fear the New Wave of Chinese Smartphones - interesting (v @TeaWithCarl)

Opera Web Browser Unblocks The Pirate Bay - neat

Class assignment inspired Wikipedian of the Year to grow #Kazakh #Wikipedia heartening tale of power of sharing

just sent some flowers to a randomly-chosen MEP that voted against #ACTA - why don't you? it's easy & they deserve it

OxyContin Being Tested On Kids... So Drugmaker Can Get 6 More Months Of Patent Protection - lovely

Some good news from the EU - good point about #ACTAand #odwyer: basically, you can't trust governments

#ACTA – Analysis of the Vote - fascinating breakdown of who did what; kudos to EPP people that voted against

Sensationsfund in Italien: Hundert Werke von Caravaggio entdeckt - sounds amazing #art

ISP: BitTorrent Traffic Increased After Pirate Bay Blockade - as you'd expect, of course... #streisand

#LibreOffice For #Android Starts Taking Shape - exciting

Jeremiah McDonald: A Conversation With My 12-Year-Old Self - clever & rather poignant (v @Glinner)

US Gov't And Hollywood Have Turned Kim Dotcom Into A Beloved Cult Hero - rather an achievement

"the same rights that people have offline must also be protected online, in particular freedom of expression" - #un

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