Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Courts Losing Patience With Clearly Bogus Trademark Claims; Dismissing Them Early - http://bit.ly/MF0qIA at last

#Cargill Admits Buying Palm Oil from Illegally Cleared Orangutan Habitat -http://bit.ly/OVKMCK definitely on #evil list

#OpenStack developers leave Rackspace for Nebula - http://bit.ly/O2Sr7rprobably good for the ecosystem

The OA Interviews: Martin Hall, member of the Finch Committee on OA -http://bit.ly/M6KKhe great stuff, as ever #openaccess

Декларация парламентской открытости (черновик) - http://bit.ly/PDfsh0 good to see these moves on governmental openness in #russia

Richard #Stallman on How Browsers and Social Networking Sites Facilitate Surveillance - http://bit.ly/PDfYeL no surprises, but still...

In Myriad and More, Metaphysics Matters - http://bit.ly/P8JtUS makes important point about #genepatents

Sweded Movies: The Fans Talk Back - http://bit.ly/OdGV7N with some droll examples... #cinema

Musicians need strong copyright laws to excel globally - http://bit.ly/OVTDV3rich fatcats whine they are not rich enough (v @copyrightgirl)

Alleged UK File-Sharers Better Armed and Ready To Fight Ben Dover -http://bit.ly/MF5IE3 kudos to @consumerfocus, emerging as champion here

Verso una nuova Agorà Digitale - http://bit.ly/MEWKmm good luck #italy

the graffiti clampdown is like Versailles versus the sans-culottes -http://bit.ly/Ortmht the deep philistinism at the heart of #London2012

European Commission net neutrality consultation excludes TOR users -http://bit.ly/NSxJmW ironic, if true (v @mind_booster @remixtures)

How Britain got addicted to bookies’ betting terminals - http://bit.ly/M6Sgst not good #gambling

Apple wins European ban on Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, loses 10.1N appeal -http://vrge.co/QgQpTp pathetic shenanigans

Time to Fight for #NetNeutrality in the #EU - http://bit.ly/MYHTAR this time, let's make it the law

Has #DWP lost £400,000 worth of Universal Credit studies it commissioned? -http://bit.ly/MCSZjg more #transparency needed #foi

The youngest MEP and Pirate Party member - in interview -http://bit.ly/PDPAS5 @teirdes speaks great English, but isn't learning French...

Release of personal datai by ISPs and online hosts – Norwich Pharmacal orders [pdf] - http://bit.ly/PancGc great intro from @consumerfocus

Spy Satellite Companies Form Space Monopoly - http://bit.ly/Oe93I6 time to roll out the #ArduSats - http://kck.st/LKsQLe #openhardware

Virgin Media hits 1 milion #TiVo customers in the UK - http://tnw.co/Qwle5tgreat: another million #linux users...

Brussels launches internet security survey - http://bit.ly/NP7n8k I'm not sure that this is going to be a good thing...

Wounded And Pregnant, An Aurora Family Without Health Coverage -http://bit.ly/OkIU8L at least $2 million hospital bill (v @umairh @LOLGOP)

#Visa Europe phases out VbV password requirements in UK -http://bit.ly/Qh6rwz que la bête meure (v @monkchips @aden_76)

Jack Daniel's Shows The World: Here's How To Send A Polite Cease-And-Desist - http://bit.ly/NTgRfU when it's done well, it deserves praise

Oil broker threatened City Trader with torture over 'unpaid debt' -http://bit.ly/Qx8OKB such lovely people (v @DavidAllenGreen)

Microsoft .NET for Mobile Company Xamarin Gets $12 Million in Series A Funding - http://tcrn.ch/MkGIxj Miguel de Icaza gets some dosh

London Mayor Welcomes You to the Olympics — Sort Of -http://on.mash.to/Qhcb9F ha! - Boris Johnson tells us what he really thinks#london2012

UK Government launches consultation on the #designs legal framework - http://bit.ly/MUrdv9 another threat we need to head off (+Alan Cox)

Defend the Right to Protest 2012 National Conference - http://bit.ly/PT4l01rather sad we need a conference for this... (v @PoliceStateUK)

SCCR24: today, all but India agreed on a single text to move broadcasting treaty forward - http://bit.ly/Nteqoq so let's see the text, then

U.S. Drought Could Cause Global Unrest - http://bit.ly/NIgyWQ pretty much a certainty, I would have thought...

Libertarians make the case: #netneutrality is unconstitutional -http://bit.ly/OvtxZj daft 

Huawei knocks off Ericsson as world’s biggest telecom vendor -http://bit.ly/QhBDvH another one falls #china

Could Romney Really Ban Porn? - http://tcrn.ch/MFLYA2 that could be interesting to watch...

Copyright Driving US Internet Freedom Debate - http://bit.ly/MFMSwy & elsewhere too (v @rmack)#ACTA #SOPA #TPP

#Linus Torvalds reviews, loves, the Google #Nexus 7 - http://zd.net/M7yVY3well, that settles it then - I'm getting one...

C4L Introduces "The Technology Revolution" - http://bit.ly/NIDlSh this. is. utterly. spectacular. (v @sinkdeep)

July 24 SCCR 4 informals on #blind treaty produce a text, but #EU and #USblock real movement on treaty - http://bit.ly/PeKfQi shame on both

#EU stalls treaty talks to allow #copyright waiver for print disabilities -http://bit.ly/NQA0Ca #thehindu names and shames

Two-Cent Doughnuts Breed Decades Of Bad Blood: It's Not So Easy Going From Free To Paid - http://bit.ly/PW2yHx good point

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