Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Alarm over #CETA Appears Premature - I can't share the optimism: I bet these terms are still in there post-ACTA defeat

US Drought Goes from Bad to Worse - "12% of the country fell into the “exceptional” classification." just weather, no?

Russian Wikipedia blacks out over #censorship plan - probably won't do much, but still...

Streets paved with gold: The council that works for banks - there's a job called "The Remembrancer"? wow #london

Der "Geist" von #ACTA lebt weiter - good reminder about #IPRED2, #INDECT#InPoSec (v @netzpolitik 

EU drafts bill to speed up music copyright pay - music collecting societies whine as usual when threatened with change

#India protests EU study on its data laws - will become a matter of contention more often #privacy

#Microsoft’s #Ballmer Declares War on Apple, Considers Smartphone - fighting for his job; out in a year, perhaps?

Megaupload Extradition Hearing Postponed Until At Least Spring Of 2013 - punishment by attrition

The Inclusion of #ACTA Within #CETA: Why The Concern Is Warranted - this is my view too; we should be worried

What If? - Answering Your Hypothetical Questions With Physics, Every Tuesday. this man is a wonder

RT @julianhuppert#CCDP committee is at (only windows media or silverlight – gah)

"necessity and proportionality" seems to be the only protection we can expect from#CCDP snooping judging by police answers this committee

#CCDP committee -  it's clear that the filters are the fishing expeditions

#CCDP sounds like they want Google to store all comms data, even when encrypted - supposing Google refuses?

#CCDP being suggested that Google et al. ready to shop all its UK users if this comes into law...

#ACTA is back, completed with investment protections - "secret arbitration courts disregard fundamental rights" #CETA

canadian Tories launched cross-country PR push in support of EU trade deal: documents - that's #CETA/#ACTA (v @mgeist)

Why a tablet victory for #Android is problematic for Free Software - good news can be bad news #verticals #eclipse

Rightwing US thinktank uses FoI laws to pursue climate scientists - bullying not science #climatedenial (v @glinner)

Russia Plans Internet #Censorship Bill (For The Children!); Russian Wikipedia Blacks Out In Protest - following west

Web exploit figures out what OS victim is using, customizes payload - including GNU/Linux

#CCDP yes: key point - how will filters be controlled and monitored?

Center on Law & Information Policy Receives Grant to Research Smartphone Patents - better still if they did something

How ‘Big Four’ get inside track by loaning staff to government - though this seems quite legit, it's worrying #uk

Hipmunk Raises Money... And Is Immediately Threatened By Patent Troll - which claims patent on synchronised windows...

PayPal Bans Major File-Hosting Services Over Piracy Concerns - I just say I hate #paypal? that is all.

Growing Attention to Obama #TPP Threatens to Undermine Offshoring Attack on Romney - could election kill #TPP?

NSA chief: Hackers causing ‘greatest transfer of wealth in history’ -, look, a squirrel (v @gsDetermination)#banks

Judge Rejects Key Universal Music Argument In Legal Fight With Grooveshark - take that #copyright

City of #Helsinki Wants To Keep Software Costs Secret - to hide, perhaps? #transparency #finland

EU Parliament ACTA Rejection Last Nail In #ACTA Coffin For #Mexico? - let's hope

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