Monday, 16 July 2012


Naxos #Schubert Lied Edition on #Spotify - 41 hours of musical bliss

Google Open Sources #Turing Machine Doodle - nice #opensource

New 'Reloaded Edition' of Alien Arena #OpenSource FPS Released - I'm not a gamer, but good to see for #gnu/linux too

Vince Cable touts benefits of open borders and #opendata - text-mining exception for #copyright

#Opensource community collaboration strategies for the enterprise - long, thoughtful piece

#BMCBioinformatics fail - code should always be provided (v @bengoldacre @sharmanedit)#openscience

Airport scanning technology is a transparent victory for terrorism - how 

New security fears as Heathrow checks miss terror suspects - so should spend #CCDP monies on #UKBA

US free market group tries to halt sales of cigarettes in plain packets in UK - 'cos profits more important than lives

I Want It Today - good analysis of #amazon's coming same-day delivery revolution (v @mathewi @rhh)

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