Wednesday, 25 July 2012


First they came for #WikiLeaks, then the New York Times - are people going to understand this?

Kicking the can down the road? Draft conclusions for SCCR 24 - "this is a money in politics story"; good analysis

UK Government transactional services (by volume) - visualisation (v @ntouk)#opendata

Can robotics change the future of a nation? - great story about open hardware in #uganda (v @whiteafrican)

Microsoft inks patent deal with service provider using Linux servers - more bullying; next step towards patent trolldom

Millions of Americans now fall within government's digital dragnet - whole of the west is turning into a police state

Massacre in #Uzbekistan - the west's (continuing) complicity in torture & murder is just shameful

On 'freedom of the press', what 'regulation' really means, and why bloggers are not editors - good analysis

How the Magna Carta became a Minor Carta, part 1 - rather, but full of interesting historical nuggets

Satellites See Unprecedented Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Melt - eeek #climatechange

Facebook opens engineering office in #London - first#amazon, now #facebook

The racism of the respectable - the horror of #FGM has gone on long enough: enforce UK law now (v @DavidAllenGreen)

Digital Economy Act Consultation Response - this closes tomorrow at 5pm - please send in your submission soon #deact

EU members oppose treaty on visually challenged - note that European Parliament backs it: it's the Commission et al.

MT @ZaReasonNZ Alto 3880 reviewed by @doctorow review model, for UK buyers #linux

ITU's Landmark Decisions: no idea what multistakeholderism means - the #ITU is a superannuated joke

Leaked Report Reveals Music Industry’s Global Anti-Piracy Strategy - interesting insights into their funny little world

#OKFN Energy Lab: Call for Partners - "create data-driven applications within a very short timeframe"; neat #opendata

#Russia Is Stockpiling #Drones to Spy on Street Protests - will not end well

New Zealand looks to keep a register of judges’ finances - idea; UK please follow suit

Landmark speech by Brazilian soy industry leader - perspective, worth reading

Devs can't be bothered with #Nokia's Windows Phone – report - devs are the future of a device: no devs, no future...

UK Judge Rules Even Archived News Articles Can Be In Contempt Of Court - I don't think they've thought this through

SCCR/24/9 Prov. The revised "instrument" for copyright exceptions for disabilties - not that it will help the blind...

invite to reuse and remix the 4 million Creative Commons-licensed videos on#YouTube - building the video #commons

How can we pay for Free Software? - why we need to, & how we might do it #crowdsourcing

Brazilians: anybody know anything about "Programa Soja Livre"? - are they doing good/bad stuff? thanks... #br

Northern Flowers: Wartime Music Series - rare & fascinating stuff #russia #spotify

Amazon Hides Classic Free Public Domain Ebooks - pity#amazon doesn't show more commitment to the #commons here

Should the Freedom of Information Act extend to data in private companies? - sounds good to me  #foi

Global Voices seeks Advocacy Director - not just US/EU: go for it (v @rmack)

#wikimeda: Meet the Analytics Team - "But we have bigger plans. Epic plans. Mythical plans"

Google Science Fair Winner Brittany Wenger's Neural Network Diagnoses Breast Cancer - (v @mmilinkov @RepresentPledge)

Jacking hotel rooms with an #Arduino microcontroller

 - that's what I call #openhardware

Obama Administration Stalls Treaty To Help The Blind In An Effort To Appease Big Publishers (AKA Campaign Donors) -

Valve's Newell: #Windows 8 "catastrophe" driving Valve to embrace #Linux - all-round pretty amazing

#Barroso freaks out in fear of environmental NGOs - shows himself to be a Tony Blair-class deep thinker...

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