Friday, 20 July 2012


Royal wedding protesters lose high court case - pre-emptive arrests? what on earth is happening to the UK?

On social media the new religion is sharing. Some of that sharing may not be very nice - unlike in peachy meatspace

#Sweden Holds #DNA Database Of Everybody Under 38 - function creep

Whale shark eats all the fishes - oh dear, clever, but ultimately dangerous for the sharks concerned...

Raspberry Pi Foundation launches Raspbian distribution - I predict a new wave of puns around this name...

Council voting: Who are the EU hardliners and ‘yes men’? - analysis

EU To Open Up Secret Clinical Trial Data; #TPP Looking Even More Retrogressive - another nice win for openness

[RT] Submissions re Draft Senior Science Australian Curriculum closetomorrow bad stuff needs fixing #ozcurric 

MT @charlesarthur Nokia accounts: no division is making an operating profit - not phones, location (old Navteq), or Nokia Siemens Networks

Should Whales and Dolphins Have ‘Human Rights’? -"evidence is overwhelming that cetaceans are special."

Italian province of Trentino approves free software law - and another one – bravi

#AU: Do you trust the Gillard Government to know all your internet passwords? - fight for your rights (v @_NetFreedom_)

Is UK the Canary in the Mine for Digital Music? - decliningrecorded music industry is declining? other bits aren't

US Olympic Committee Forces 30 Year Old Philidelphia Gyro Restaraunt To Change Its Name - bonus: bullying knitters

Locog: the ultimate bad sport - "piss-poor logo, weirdly condomic mascots & vile 80s’ graffiti font" - ha! (v @ralpost)

Why the European Commission's Assurances on #ACTA & #CETA Don't Add Up - good analysis of areas we need to watch

Wearable Computer Pioneer Steve Mann, Releases New Photo Supporting His Assault Claim Against McDonald’s - surprise!

WATCH OUT! There’s a G4S about - another reason why#london2012 is appalling #photography (v @terakopian @onewmphoto)

Mexican Legislature Passes Two Resolutions Opposing the Executive’s Signing of #ACTA - well done, #mexico

MT @jamie_love US: "linkage between print disabilities effort & an effort for business affairs would be unethical">>US talking unethical???

MT @DaHammerstein EU : continue working on solid text with effective protection of creators.>> strange how creators come before the blind

Young gorillas observed destroying snares for first time - news, for all sorts of reasons (@cqchoi @BoraZ)

#Microsoft taps spinmeister Mark Penn as special projects chief - spin doctors? isn't this a sign of growing panic...?

Global Warming's Terrifying New Math - superb, fact-based piece from Bill McKibben; it's about externalities #oil #coal

Australian Consumer Group Wants Geo-IP Blocking Banned - yes, time for the outdated idea to be binned

Apple's Public Shaming: The New Punishment for Filing a Losing Patent Claim - interesting point

New Material Lighter Than Air Could Drastically Change Tech World - wow sounds exciting

Debunking The Dangerous “If You Have Nothing To Hide, You Have Nothing To Fear” - send to next idiot that says it

Pirates Want To Go Legal But Convenience, Choice & Availability Come First - gradually the facts emerge

Ann Romney’s ‘You People’ Gaffe Goes Viral -, the mask slips #YouPeople

Brought to book - #economist on #openaccess - nothing new here, but good to see it's on it (v @BoraZ @EricTopol)

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