Monday, 30 April 2012


The New Silk Road - can't wait to ride this (v @onewmphoto @zhale)#railways

Has the internet run out of ideas already? - we we desperately need openness

When Bill Gates pushes high-tech agriculture, who benefits? - good to see more scepticism here

MPAA Boss ‘Forgets’ Hollywood’s Pirate History - convenient

Pirate Party Presents #ACTA Alternative to European Parliament - free download (of course)

Gaetano #Donizetti: Complete Operas & Other Works - not my cup of tea, but might be yours... #spotify

Olympics 2012: A Bruce Schneier Moment - "Olympic security is out of control and irrational"; and how #london2012

World in nano - gob-smackingly small micrometre-scale structures produced by #3dprinting (v @jdub)

#DataJournalism Handbook - free online version (of course) #cc #okf

Sunday, 29 April 2012


How #SOPA protests were used to push #CISPA - important lessons to be learned

EU Liberals To Vote Against #ACTA; Conservatives Want To 'Fix' It - it's been signed: you can't "fix" it

US Music Pirates Face New $150,000 Damages Claims - absurdly disproportionate

Daily Mail & Labour teaming up to show their digital illiteracy on porn and child protection is simply dangerous - yup

#Bilateral Investment Treaties that gave away the store - here's a house of cards waiting to come crashing down...

Six reasons the Interception of Communications Commissioner has failed - #RIPA is a disgrace (v @JackofKent)

Buried treasure in Burma: Squadron of lost WWII #Spitfires to be exhumed - amazing story (v @slashdot)#boysown

There are 2800 people at the #Piratenpartei General Assembly [pic] - impressive #de

#CISPA is a threat to the world - excellent, chilling analysis. pl. read it, & draw the obvious conclusions

Interview: John Robb - don't miss: really important insights into #opensourcewar, #resilience, #drones

The first Kopimist wedding [pic] - wonderful (v @Asher_Wolf @Dymaxion)#shareconference #kopimism

Arrest fears over Chinese activist who helped Chen Guangcheng escape - brave woman (v @TeaWithCarl)#china

Let’s just say it: The #Republicans are the problem. - depressing; good it's being said (v @tom_watson @jayrosen_nyu)

My Address To The German #Piratenpartei Assembly - fine speech: says the right things, in the right way

The transatlantic bomb plot that prompted the UK’s biggest security operation - "tensions between the US and the UK"

Urheberrechtsdebatte: Merkel will Shitstorms trotzen - revealing herself to be a silly old dinosaur...

Saturday, 28 April 2012


Insanity: #CISPA Just Got Way Worse, And Then Passed On Rushed Vote - this is revenge for #sopa

What's inside an elephant? - incredible picture

UK #OpenStandards consultation – important update - in case you missed this bombshell from last night

also on UK #OpenStandards consultation: "The formal closing date for submissions will now be Monday, 4th June" –

A Timeline of #OpenSource in the US Government - nice (v @jwildeboer)

Microsoft Office 15 to support #ODF 1.2 - good news

Why #SOPA Supporters Need Secrecy in the Trans-Pacific Partnership - good analysis #tpp

UK biz needs fattening up on gov IT contracts, says No10 bod - just do it, then

HP says mission critical developers on HP-UX will move to #Linux - well, obviously

Peak plastic - great concept

Maude responds to fears over data-sharing between government agencies - hmm, we shall see

'Almost Anybody Can Have An Idea' -- #Linus Torvalds - he should know #linux

International Publishers Threaten Canada With WTO Complaint Over Bill -11
- pretty outrageous

24 Hours to Save the Bees! - if you want food, you need bees

De Gucht was unwilling to answer Castex on #ACTA access to preparatory documents - unacceptable #transparency

The Open Data Cities Conference - great stuff #opendata

Politiker-Protest gegen Wut im Netz: Shitstorm, nein danke! - fascinating development #politics

"#FRAND is a FRAUD" - good to see FSF & FSFE piling in on the UK #Openstandards consultation

New international land deals database reveals rush to buy up #Africa - worrying

More on DRM and ebooks - fab, detailed analysis from Charlie Stross; looks ebook DRM might be dying

Cabinet Office Acts On Discovery Of Undisclosed Conflict Of Interest - an extra month for submissions #openstandards

Hacking Society: It's Time To Measure The Unmeasurable - interesting stuff

#Microsoft accused of trying to secretly influence government consultation - #guardian on the case

Friday, 27 April 2012


Parlament schwächt Schutz des Regenwalds - when you think it can't get any worse, it does... #brazil #environment

Opening Government: On the Limits of FOIA & the Metaphor of Transparency - "#transparency a precondition for #openness"

Mesmerizing Visualization Maps Every Transportation Route on Earth - watch the anthropocene unfold

Spain: Draft law criminalising online organisation of public protests - insane; Franco would be proud (v @_NetFreedom_)

Canadian University Association Surrenders Completely By Withdrawing From #Copyright Hearings - 1st #tarsands, now this

#TSA agents harass 7-year-old girl with cerebral palsy and developmental disability - utter scum #bullies

Bugs pick up pesticide resistance from pesticide-eating bacteria - #evolution in action

“Together we know everything….And together we have everything” - wow, brilliant formulation (v @eurovilles @mbauwens)

Legalising rhino horn, ivory trade in focus - interesting argument, to say the least (v @TransformDrugs)

Norwegian Security Service Wants Details Of Citizens' Web Comments Retained For Six Months - eeek #norway

Oh no - look at this huge pro-#ACTA demo in #germany today - background here:

#JURI Committee Postpones Vote on #Gallo's #ACTA Opinion - can we stop stupid playing games, please?

#WordPerfect Office X6 — Standard Edition - out today, only £281.99 (incl. VAT) #wat

New IP Watchlist Ranks Countries On How Well Their #Copyright Laws Serve The Public - #UK does awfully

#DEAct's anti-piracy measures delayed - "rising rates of online #piracy": source, please (v @copyrightgirl)

PI is seeking a new Head of International Advocacy - alas, you have to give them your name to apply... #privacy

UK Open Standards consultation – important update - whoa, do not miss this bombshell (v @DigDirEng)#openstandards

#CC Seeking Project Coordinator for Science & Data - sadly only based in US (hey, think global, no?) (v @hadleybeeman)

#ACTA – if you think we've won, we've lost - hugely important point: it ain't over yet...

#mySociety is hiring a Web Developer - your chance to make a big difference in the #UK

RT @telecomix#cispa has just passed the US house of representatives >>bad, bad, bad...

Thursday, 26 April 2012


#Kenya's High Court Rules Anti-Counterfeiting Law Is Unconstitutional Because It Threatens Access To #Generic Drugs -

Summit Meeting of experts calls upon UK Government to deliver on #OpenStandards - gathering of the clans

In Guatemala, pirate Mayan radio connects marginalized indigenous communities - inspiring tale of brave people

Why #FRAND is bad for Free Software - from 2010, but still true today

#Textmining the scholarly literature: towards a set of universal Principles; Update and strategy - exciting times

Sagt dem EU-Parlament Eure Meinung zu #ACTA - facebook chat tomorrow

Open source medicine puts health above profits - some interesting projects based on #openness

What Your Klout Score Really Means - worrying vision of a klout-based world

#ACTA Update XIV - urgent: pl. contact your MEPs on #JURI & #ITRE committees

Liberals and Democrats reject #ACTA - press release (v @MarietjeD66) pity #EPP wasn't as concerned about flaws

#ACTA 'May Interfere With Fundamental Freedoms' -- EU Data Protection Supervisor - also dreadful for #privacy

#OSI Supports #OpenStandards - & always has - hugely important that I'd overlooked

Fire Jeremy Hunt - the latest helpful suggestion from #avaaz #epetitions

Swoboda condemns EPP delaying tactics with #ACTA - looks like #EPP are getting silly: EU voters take note

The #Maker and #Fabbing scene in Italy - useful review #3dprinters

#Copyright Lobby Hires Pro-#ACTA Demonstators - desperate, or what? (v @publicknowledge @gigibson)

Support for #ODF from the Hungarian government - UK gov take note...

#London2012: Olympic photo ban 'unenforceable' - shouldn't be there, then... (v @ruskin147)

Lost in translation: Anti-#TPP campaign befuddles Washington - amusing

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Thinking Green in Georgia - shame on #georgia for this incredibly short-sighted move #pollution

UK Government revives plan for greater data-sharing between agencies - this is not good #privacy

Can Anonymous Fix Online Music? - curious move

RT @jerezim Counter-offensive of the pro-#ACTA in the Industry (ITRE) committee in #EuroParl. "It's about whether we want property or not"

MT @EDRI_org MEPs lining up to ask for correction of #ACTA from COM. But text is final - if it needs correction, has to be rejected>>doh

Sina Cloud Computing Joins #OpenStack - potentially important #china

TDF Releases Getting Started Guide for #LibreOffice 3.4 - useful #ebook #free

Artist Gwenn Seemel: #Copyright is about fear, not money. - interesting thought

#Spotify Orchestra: Four Playlists for #Percussion - unusual

#Opensource adoption on the rise in the French government - both candidates fans, Hollande seems more so #fr

Rumor: #Baidu and Other Search Engines Will Have to Stop Indexing #Weibo Content - that would be pretty heavy #china

#ACTA "could involve the large scale monitoring of users' behaviour" - EU Data Protection supervisor v concerned

Gallo pro-#ACTA Opinion Must Be Rejected - pl. contact your MEPs on JURI soon

Book Launch: The Case for #Copyright Reform - free #ebook by @engstrom_pp&@Falkvinge

Interview with Charles-H. Schulz on #OpenStandards - wearing two hats: #libreoffice & #oasis

Oz mining firm's bid to quash parody backfires - as it always does (v @Asher_Wolf) #streisandeffect

Australian Police accused of software piracy - another reason to use #opensource (v @michael_nielsen)#au

Hacking Society - interesting bunch here; wonder what will come out of it?

The Serious Business of #OpenSource, Inc. - if freesw had to submit a 10-K...

Former UK children’s TV presenter launches Home Key, an operating system for the elderly - #linux-based

Labour IT mandarins make comeback bid for global transformation - this time, wasting trillions, not billions

EU liberals to reject #ACTA [de] - let's hope this is true (v @netzpolitik)

Introducing #Google Drive... yes, really - official, 5G free (v @jackschofield)

“Why I break DRM on e-books”: A publishing exec speaks out - & why #DRM is doomed

University of Minnesota Launches Review Project For #OpenTextbooks - cool

Transparenz: Bürger verlangen immer häufiger Informationen von Behörden - & that's good

The Internet's Political Voices Are Lining Up To Smash #CISPA - is the mood finally shifting?

Ear wax improves underwater hearing - for whales - well, I never...

Millions of Harvard Library Catalog Records Publicly Available - under cc0 licence, too – kudos

Three words for you Mr Hunt: Digital Economy Act - what he said

Chinese Official Says Proview Owns iPad Trademark, Not Apple - could be fun #china

Flyer gegen #ACTA - good stuff

Apps4Russia 2012 - great to see #opendata #opengov #russia

Macmillan’s #Tor/Forge goes #DRM-free - fab - the dam begins to break

#Copyright Maximalists Just Won't Quit: Pushing New Monopoly Rights For Performers Through Sneaky Treaty Agreement -

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Help #DanBull Get His New Freely Distributed Song On The Charts - don't miss his latest witty wonder

Frustration, Disappointment And Apathy: My Years At #Microsoft - fascinating stuff, assuming it's true

Urheberrecht: "Die Politik ist verunsichert" - good analysis, less good proposals (v @netzpolitik)

#Commons – Für eine neue Politik jenseits von Markt und Staat - wich;

RT @wildeboer I am generation @.(inspired by @smarimc)>>hey, this could catch on...

Alphaversion: Flyer gegen #ACTA - &: China is not a signatory, so ACTA will do nothing against 95% of EU counterfeits

TACD and HAI call for EU turn to open and needs-driven health innovation - lots of important & interesting ideas

FBI: Disinfect Your Computer Or Risk Losing Internet Access Come July - imagine if they'd done this 10 years ago

The #OA interviews: Carlos Rossel, Publisher at the #WorldBank - great idea

Quality has a new name - Quantal Quetzal to be precise....#ubuntu

Draft Chinese Internet #copyright regulations invite public feedback - should be interesting #china

Monday, 23 April 2012


#Norway wants to store all online debates in police database - Orwell would be proud (v @ThAOSteen)#surveillance

Blamed for Bee Collapse, #Monsanto Buys Leading Bee Research Firm - #greenwashing ahoy? (v @Beautyon_)#bees

French presidential candidate against three-strikes law, kinda sorta - </le sigh> #hadopi #france

Saving the game: Why preserving video games is illegal - the wonder that is #copyright

Shop Your Neighbours - so lovely to see UK police promoting solidarity in this way (v @clarinette02 @jane_bradley)

#Sweden, Paradise Lost, Part 2: Private Police Forces - people would not have believed this could happen 20 years ago

Civil Disobedience + IP = Intellectual Disobedience. - sneak peek at the next project of inimitable @ninapaley

Academic publishing doesn't add up - @jjn1 on #openaccess in #guardian (v @petersuber)

'They're killing us': world's most endangered tribe cries for help - EU + #WorldBank bear some responsibility for this

The History of File-Sharing - a rundown of the main geological epochs

#textmining is the new front, ready to escalate issues triggered by RWA debacle - the next battle for #openaccess

Sunday, 22 April 2012


Too Much #Copyright: This Generation's Prohibition - obvious parallel; wish I'd thought of it

Kim Dotcom Lashes Out Against “Corrupt” US Government - increasingly looks like attempt to kill his company

Open Clouds: Immature or Good Enough? - good analysis #cloudcomputing #opensource

Meltwater Response To Associated Press Lawsuit: AP Is Misusing Copyright Law - #AP is such a dinosaur

#TOR is hiring - important project - help make a difference to the world #opensource

French presidential elections 2012 and Free Software : some answers, some non-answers, some don't answer - hmm #france

#Facebook, #Google, #Twitter could soon be told to set up dedicated servers in #India - you can see where this is going

Possible hepatitus C cure stymied by deadlocked patent owners - so useful, those patents...

Ma'amite is Jubilee #Marmite - ha! brilliant #uk

#SPD-Papier erklärt Urheberrechtspositionen der Piraten - fascinating insight into clueless old-style politicians #de

Make your voice heard in the #openstandards debate - good to hear this from #canonical #uk

Anti-Olympics Poster Competition - The Results - some great ideas here (v @Chrisbulow)#london2012

If You Have a Smart Phone, Anyone Can Now Track Your Every Move - NB #wifi #privacy (v @jackschofield)

Lieber frei als gerecht - somebody said it: "Schafft das Urheberrecht ab!"

Whistleblower: NSA Has All of Your Email - time to encrypt everything #surveillance

#Bahrain unrest 'nothing to do with us', says F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone - truly contemptible individuals

Value and benefits of #textmining - JISC calls for #copyright exception (v @McDawg)#oa

Royal Society of Chemistry spreads a little #FUD about #openaccess - wins dinosaur of week award (v @petersuber)#rsc

RapidShare Overtures Snubbed, “Must Do Better” Say Labels - what do you expect from copyright maximalists – moderation?

Is Middle Age #Evolution's Crowning Achievement? - interesting (& appealing) thesis

Saturday, 21 April 2012


Clay Shirky Q&A: online creativity and intellectual property - rather good replies #copyright #SOPA

iiNet: ISP Not Liable For BitTorrent Piracy, High Court Rules - good win; kudos to iiNet for fighting

US #Wikipedia Education Program participants add three times as much quality content as regular new users –

Black London firefighter beaten, tazed and charged for offering assistance to cops had his complaint buried - shameful

New publication on #OER in #China - useful

#Raspberry Pi Model B schematics - not that they mean anything to me

Ein Prozent der Rundfunkgebühren für eine Stiftung Internet - or maybe the music industry could contribute...

Google Reveals its Open Source Networking - more good stuff

#AU Govt to continue secret anti-piracy talks - public still not invited (v @Asher_Wolf)

Derecho, Internet y Sociedad de Andrés Martinez Moscoso - free ebook #cc

#Twitter announces it will sponsor the #Apache Software Foundation to promote #ope source - excellent news

Brazil will be the first country to get #Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko open web devices - #brazil leads the way

Motorola Launches Cheaper #Android Smartphone In China - significant move in important market

Does #Microsoft Office #Lockin Cost the UK Government £500 Million? - according to MS own figures...

Tim Berners-Lee Says UK's Net Spying Plans Would Be 'Destruction Of Human Rights' - he has a certain expertise here

#Openstandards are about the business model, not the technology - good analysis

two studies related to laptop retail oligopoly in #Portugal - why it's so hard for GNU/Linux systems

Tom Steinberg: how to open the data people actually want - pragmatic as ever

#OpenStandards Consultation Guide - do read @webmink's clear guide, and then respond to this important consultation

[corrected URL] NASA Space Apps Challenge – Growers Nation- #opendata, #opensource

Hollywood Loses Its Big #Copyright Lawsuit Against ISP #iiNet Down Under - excellent, detailed analysis of ruling

Men At Work Musician Found Dead; Ridiculous #Copyright Ruling Against Band Blamed - sad story

London 2012 Olympics Win Gold Medal For Cluelessness By Banning Video And Photo Uploads To Social Media During Games –

Another Error By US Officials May Kill Megaupload Prosecution - what can you say?

Friday, 20 April 2012


#ACTA vote in JURI April 26 - update on what's happening when

Richard #ODwyer: Lib Dems fight to halt #extradition to US on piracy charges - a reminder this continues

Provocative proposal to force scholarly publishers to respect #openaccess wishes of their unpaid contributors - clever

Chinese #Copyright Proposal Would Allow Compulsory Licensing Of Music After Three Months - will go down well #china

The Eric #Whitacre Singers Live at Union Chapel - an hour of wonderful music, for free

UK #OpenStandards consultation needs you! - urgent: meeting for SMEs with UK gov next Tuesday. pl. go if you can

The UK and the EU Need to Bring in the Nerds - oh yes #ACTA #CDDP

#ACTA Mobilization, And Beyond - important post explaining what's happening, & who needs contacting

Italian 'Blog Killer' Law Rises From the Grave - pazzi or what? #italy #censorship #blogs

ISPs Have to Identify Alleged Pirates, EU Court Rules - bad news for privacy #ecj

#Nokia Dips Into Red as Q1 Sales Drop Nearly 29 Percent - "$250 million in “platform support payments” from #Microsoft"

Der deutsche Musikmarkt schrumpft nicht mehr - well, there you go #de

Bonnier Audio ruling in ECJ - core questions left unanswered - excellent analysis of new ruling #privacy #surveillance

ISPs torch's smut-blocking master plan - as well they should #censorship

VC’s, incubators and startups come out in support of Twitter’s ground breaking Innovator’s Patent Agreement - cool

Portuguese authorities must consider open source - great news #pt

Umstrittenes Abkommen: Europa gibt Fluggastdaten an USA weiter - really bad news #eu #privacy

Norwich City soccer team demands teen's arrest for finding unannounced images on public website - more bullying

#Facebook Blocking Stories About Richard #ODwyer's Fight Against Extradition To The US - shame on them

Beliebte Symbolfiguren: Playmobil will nicht für Piratenpartei stehen - ha! this could be fun

Spotify As Stage: #Shakespeare Plays and Poems on Recordings - greatest playlist of them all (I may be biased)

Canadians file class-actions against #ebook publishers - bit of a pattern here

Radikalen-Debatte: Berliner Piraten drängen ihren Chef zum Rücktritt - wow, exciting stuff

What took 10,000 years to Build and only 50 years to Destroy? - great and worrying analysis #resilience #food

Putin: The richest man on earth? - if he isn't, he's doing it wrong #opensource #robot now available to pre-order - first #raspberrypi, now this...

Berners-Lee: Don't let record labels upset web openness - well, indeed

Wasserkraft: Staudämme bedrohen die Amazonas-Region - depressing

Du gegen #ACTA: Crowdfunding von Aktionen und Materialien - a worthy cause

#RaspberryPi pre-orders hit 350,000 - not bad

An Interview with Millenium Technology Prize Finalist #Linus Torvalds - some unusual answers; worth reading

Hacking the Non-Disposable Planet - deep stuff. probably (v @boingboing)

Are New Streaming Royalty Rates A Way To Backdoor #DRM Into Copyright Law? - looks bad

Thursday, 19 April 2012


Is #TPP To Blame For Continuing Delay In Passing New Zealand's 2008 Bill That Excludes Software Patents? - bad #nz

Programming project comes to UK primary schools - at last (v @timanderson)#scratch #education

#ACTA Rapporteur's Recommendations: Reject Treaty, But Ask European Commission To Come Up With Replacement –

Torna la norma ammazza blog - this looks really bad #italy

UK open government data: the results of the official audit - interesting stats #opendata

Kiwi ISP Issues First Music Piracy ’3rd Strike’, Movie Biz Can’t Be Bothered - complete waste of time #nz

How #Microsoft Fought True #OpenStandards II - more FOI revelations of MS lobbying & inconsistencies

UK Government proposes to filter legal content for child safety - excellent analysis of misguided idea (v @rmack)

No stalling on the 2013 ban - won't someone think of the pigs?

If Publishers Can't Cover Their Costs With $10 #Ebooks, Then They Deserve To Go Out Of Business - great point

Why Every Company Should Adopt #Twitter's Internet Patent Agreement - or something like it #swpats

BT brinjal row: National Biodiversity Authority decides to prosecute #Monsanto - potentially big #india

Microsoft bigs up open source, then stuffs it under the sofa - yup

#Microsoft: #OpenStandards Are Good... If They're The Open Standards We Get Paid For - quite

Why the end of Consumer Focus is a blow to UK tech policy - this is a real tragedy & scandal: shame on UK gov

Microfinance: Why #OpenSource Means Bigger Impact - interesting

Clean up the dirtiest thing on the internet - nicely done

European Food Safety Authority admits failure on revolving doors - appalling #lobbying

Spotify Details New Global Partnership With Coca-Cola - #spotify just became seriously #uncool; time to ditch...?

Harper gets support of Chile in bid to join #TPP free-trade pact - daft; interesting comments on drug decriminalisation

Major Book Publisher Demands Jury Trial Against BitTorrent Pirates - so #johnwiley gets hated - & for what?

Open Source #Robotics Foundation - oooh, fun: "to support the development, distribution, and adoption of OSS"

Guess What? Most #Cybercrime 'Losses' Are Massively Exaggerated As Well - time to puncture those inflated claims

Gulf seafood "horribly deformed" - this. is. not. good.

In defence of NonCommercial clauses - I disagree with the overall thrust, but interesting points worth noting #cc

Ottawa elbows regulators in quest 4 final word on pipeline approvals - bit blatant, no? (v @AlexSteffen @billmckibben)

The online #copyright war: the day the internet hit back at big media - gets main dynamics quite well #sopa #ACTA

"default blocking" plan from @claire4devizes would censor adults & fail children - illiberal, patronising & unworkable

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement ("#TPP") - important new resource - don't miss

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Vote Against Indian Internet Censorship Law - Ask your Indian MP to vote against the Internet Censorship Law.

As #ACTA 1.0 Lies Dying, Are G8 Countries Already Working On ACTA 2.0? - [RT from last night]

Austrian pirate party just won its first seat and makes front page news - piratical ascent continues #at #eu

#ACTA Closer To Death: Remaining EU Supporters Contemplate Rejecting It - nearly there

Wie #China das Internet nutzt - interesting stats and graphics

Coalition targets CBC’s free music site - stupid: this will boost sales, not harm them

Three little words - more thoughts on #abundance

good piece from @pennyred about #journalism & the people formerly known as the audience - (v @boingboing)

Major European operators label #Nokia smartphones expensive, unoriginal and buggy - tell us what you really think

European Pirate family is born - but how much will they squabble?

Research lab extends host-based cyber sensor project to #opensource - it's good to share

UK #OpenStandards Consultation - excellent example of the kind of thing we need: pl. read and submit something soon

How #Microsoft Fought True #OpenStandards I - 1st report on a treasure trove of FOI documents I have on MS lobbying

Munich's vendor independent desktop saves millions and is more robust - great data point to have #openstandards

#BSA Wants Business Software Licences To Be Checked in #VAT Audits - I'm sure UK businesses would love that #foi

How Microsoft Fought True #OpenStandards I - [for those who missed it this morning - FOI revelations of MS lobbying]

#Copyright Maximalists Try To Regroup And Figure Out How To 'Fight Back' Against The Public - incredible statements

The Frand Wars: Who’s on First? - great post #frand #patents

"We at the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) have taken a stand against #openaccess" - </facepalm> (v @putt1ck)

Is The Supreme Court Just Completely Out Of Touch On Digital #Copyright Issues? - good analysis

Elsevier agrees UBC researchers can text-mine for citizen science, research tools - "I believe this is an epic win."

SOPATrack: an app to show connections between campaign donations and voting records - the virtue of sunlight

Classical Music That Imitate Or Use Birdsong - clever cut of #spotify's holdings

The Tube Open Movie - a #blender film on #kickstarter #cc

Mother takes on #Monsanto, wins global prize - sad tale, but also inspiring

Open Source Hardware Goes to Washington - v cool project #openhardware

Twitter's Revolutionary Agreement Lets Original Inventors Stop Patent #Trolls - kudos to #twitter for at least trying

#CISPA Sponsor Mike Rogers Says Protests Are Mere 'Turbulence' On Landing - it's going to be a bumpy ride

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


MPAA-Affiliated Anti-Piracy Group Mysteriously Disappears - spooky

Launch of the Directory of Open Access Books - useful #openaccess

Me and My (Copyrighted) Shadow - interesting analysis of copyright and magic case

Zerobin, Open Source Pastebin Alternative With Client-Side Encryption - cool idea

How would you envisage the "governance" of such an "Internet of Things" (IoT)? - EU online questionnaire

What Apple’s Ebook Fiasco Means for Amazon and the Book Business - solid analysis

Gigantisches Potential: Jeder Dritte würde die Piraten wählen - wow, 1 in 3 could see vote Pirate – incredible

#IEEE blows it on the Security & Privacy copyright agreement - totally out of touch #openaccess

Web freedom faces greatest threat ever, warns Google's Sergey Brin - interesting comment on piracy

Open source warfare != open source software - ESR weighs in on one of my favourite blogs

Of open data and pregnant men - nicely done

The Digital Public Domain: Foundations for an Open Culture - free #ebook #cc #pd

Cigarettes may have to be sold in plain packets following public consultation - wait for squeals from the cancer cos.

Piratenpartei erklärt Urheberrechtspositionen - getting there #copyright

New Zealand Patents Bill delay questioned - NZ buckling under US TPP pressure? (@zoobab)#tpp #swpats

Internet Industry concerns on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement - great to see (v @StopActaNow)#ACTA

#Extradition The Fight of Our Lives - stopping #odwyer's absurd extradition to US for UK action that is not a crime

Another Reason Why #DRM Is Bad -- For Publishers - to say nothing of the public #publishing

How open is corporate data in Open Government Partnership countries? - fascinating stats; uk doing quite well

Why was #ACTA approved in the EU Fisheries Council? - good analysis (v @Dana_Council @avalta @RalfGrahn)

As #ACTA 1.0 Lies Dying, Are #G8 Countries Already Working On ACTA 2.0? - they're certainly not giving up

Uh oh – the company that claims it invented the mobile Internet sells software businesses to focus on patents - risible

andtagswahlkampf: NRW-Piraten liebäugeln mit Regierungsverantwortung - - fascinating evolution

#ACTA Edinburgh: David Martin's views - useful summary

#Nokia: Moody's Cuts Debt Rating; Not Quite Junk (Yet) - great moodies think alike

Exposing ALEC: How Conservative-Backed State Laws Are All Connected - important, amazing story (v @dozykraut)#us

Playstation Vita already dropping to record low sales in Japan - #sony's deathmarch continues

#Pirate Party Sues Hollywood Backed Group over Pirate Bay Censorship - has #BREIN overreached? #nl

#Netflix Pledges to Open Source Its "Monkey" Cloud Utilities - good to see

Introduction to Wikimedia Labs - cool #wikipedia

Supreme Court to Hear International #Copyright Exhaustion Case - important first sale case #scotus

The Mantra Of The Digital Generation: Life, Liberty & Blazing Broadband - most politicians struggle to understand this

US Judge Forbids #Motorola From Using German Injunction Against #Microsoft - patently insaner

Colombia Rushes Through #Leylleras2 Copyright Reform - highly regrettable #co

Monday, 16 April 2012


Inside Washington's high risk mission to beat web censors - what a really weak & simplistic analysis (v @SinkDeep)

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Censoring The Pirate Bay is Useless, Research Shows - important point; pity graph isn't very clear

#MySQL founder's latest #MariaDB release takes "enterprise" features open-source - mysql now a little less important

Draft Chart Comparing #TRIPS, #TPP and #ACTA - this is really useful

#ACTA mit schwerer Schlagseite - great analysis

Calling Someone The C Word On #Twitter Is Now Officially A Crime - has the #UK gone insane?

Olympics 2012: branding 'police' to protect sponsors' exclusive rights - disgusting: time to #boycottlondon2012

The Unpleasant Whiff of Lobbyists - something rotten in the state of #openstandards consulations #uk

Study: #Sharing Patents, Rather Than Blocking Others, Encourages Innovation And Market Success - really important

Proprietary lobby triumphs in first #openstandards showdown - great report of what was obviously appalling display

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