Saturday, 21 April 2012


Clay Shirky Q&A: online creativity and intellectual property - rather good replies #copyright #SOPA

iiNet: ISP Not Liable For BitTorrent Piracy, High Court Rules - good win; kudos to iiNet for fighting

US #Wikipedia Education Program participants add three times as much quality content as regular new users –

Black London firefighter beaten, tazed and charged for offering assistance to cops had his complaint buried - shameful

New publication on #OER in #China - useful

#Raspberry Pi Model B schematics - not that they mean anything to me

Ein Prozent der Rundfunkgebühren für eine Stiftung Internet - or maybe the music industry could contribute...

Google Reveals its Open Source Networking - more good stuff

#AU Govt to continue secret anti-piracy talks - public still not invited (v @Asher_Wolf)

Derecho, Internet y Sociedad de Andrés Martinez Moscoso - free ebook #cc

#Twitter announces it will sponsor the #Apache Software Foundation to promote #ope source - excellent news

Brazil will be the first country to get #Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko open web devices - #brazil leads the way

Motorola Launches Cheaper #Android Smartphone In China - significant move in important market

Does #Microsoft Office #Lockin Cost the UK Government £500 Million? - according to MS own figures...

Tim Berners-Lee Says UK's Net Spying Plans Would Be 'Destruction Of Human Rights' - he has a certain expertise here

#Openstandards are about the business model, not the technology - good analysis

two studies related to laptop retail oligopoly in #Portugal - why it's so hard for GNU/Linux systems

Tom Steinberg: how to open the data people actually want - pragmatic as ever

#OpenStandards Consultation Guide - do read @webmink's clear guide, and then respond to this important consultation

[corrected URL] NASA Space Apps Challenge – Growers Nation- #opendata, #opensource

Hollywood Loses Its Big #Copyright Lawsuit Against ISP #iiNet Down Under - excellent, detailed analysis of ruling

Men At Work Musician Found Dead; Ridiculous #Copyright Ruling Against Band Blamed - sad story

London 2012 Olympics Win Gold Medal For Cluelessness By Banning Video And Photo Uploads To Social Media During Games –

Another Error By US Officials May Kill Megaupload Prosecution - what can you say?

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