Friday, 20 April 2012


#ACTA vote in JURI April 26 - update on what's happening when

Richard #ODwyer: Lib Dems fight to halt #extradition to US on piracy charges - a reminder this continues

Provocative proposal to force scholarly publishers to respect #openaccess wishes of their unpaid contributors - clever

Chinese #Copyright Proposal Would Allow Compulsory Licensing Of Music After Three Months - will go down well #china

The Eric #Whitacre Singers Live at Union Chapel - an hour of wonderful music, for free

UK #OpenStandards consultation needs you! - urgent: meeting for SMEs with UK gov next Tuesday. pl. go if you can

The UK and the EU Need to Bring in the Nerds - oh yes #ACTA #CDDP

#ACTA Mobilization, And Beyond - important post explaining what's happening, & who needs contacting

Italian 'Blog Killer' Law Rises From the Grave - pazzi or what? #italy #censorship #blogs

ISPs Have to Identify Alleged Pirates, EU Court Rules - bad news for privacy #ecj

#Nokia Dips Into Red as Q1 Sales Drop Nearly 29 Percent - "$250 million in “platform support payments” from #Microsoft"

Der deutsche Musikmarkt schrumpft nicht mehr - well, there you go #de

Bonnier Audio ruling in ECJ - core questions left unanswered - excellent analysis of new ruling #privacy #surveillance

ISPs torch's smut-blocking master plan - as well they should #censorship

VC’s, incubators and startups come out in support of Twitter’s ground breaking Innovator’s Patent Agreement - cool

Portuguese authorities must consider open source - great news #pt

Umstrittenes Abkommen: Europa gibt Fluggastdaten an USA weiter - really bad news #eu #privacy

Norwich City soccer team demands teen's arrest for finding unannounced images on public website - more bullying

#Facebook Blocking Stories About Richard #ODwyer's Fight Against Extradition To The US - shame on them

Beliebte Symbolfiguren: Playmobil will nicht für Piratenpartei stehen - ha! this could be fun

Spotify As Stage: #Shakespeare Plays and Poems on Recordings - greatest playlist of them all (I may be biased)

Canadians file class-actions against #ebook publishers - bit of a pattern here

Radikalen-Debatte: Berliner Piraten drängen ihren Chef zum Rücktritt - wow, exciting stuff

What took 10,000 years to Build and only 50 years to Destroy? - great and worrying analysis #resilience #food

Putin: The richest man on earth? - if he isn't, he's doing it wrong #opensource #robot now available to pre-order - first #raspberrypi, now this...

Berners-Lee: Don't let record labels upset web openness - well, indeed

Wasserkraft: Staudämme bedrohen die Amazonas-Region - depressing

Du gegen #ACTA: Crowdfunding von Aktionen und Materialien - a worthy cause

#RaspberryPi pre-orders hit 350,000 - not bad

An Interview with Millenium Technology Prize Finalist #Linus Torvalds - some unusual answers; worth reading

Hacking the Non-Disposable Planet - deep stuff. probably (v @boingboing)

Are New Streaming Royalty Rates A Way To Backdoor #DRM Into Copyright Law? - looks bad

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