Thursday, 5 April 2012


What Quilting's Legal Battles Can Teach Us About #Copyright - it's getting nasty in the world of #quilting

#openaccess does not "harm" publishers' rights - here's why - debunking the lies (v @researchremix)

Spanish ‘SOPA’: 79 Site Takedown Requests in First Month - I'm sure they'll prove as bogus as #hadopi #leysinde

Mapping Digital Media: The Media and Liability for Content on the Internet - dry but useful

Mammoth carcass found in Siberia - poor thing; amazing, though

Extremadura overhauls IT to save millions and to increase #opensource - big success story #es

UK net super-snooping clashes with Euro privacy law - expert - another reason to bin it #CCDB

38degrees anti-#CCDB epetition now up to 75K in less than a day - let's take it to 100K –

Can Copyleft Clouds Find Contributors? - interesting point

The #smartphone Wars: Finally, Android breaks 50% - eric tells it as it is

Survey: Open source procurement costs less and reduces vendor lock-in - no, really?

De Gucht calls for an EU-ASEAN FTA - clearly wants his own #TPP

Tor traffic disguised as Skype video calls to fool repressive governments - er, that would be the UK, presumably

"111 Gründe, #London zu lieben" - sehr nett

Parliament must protect the public’s privacy - well-argued piece by tory mp #CCDP

Comments submmitted in Consultation on #Spain's draft Access to Information Law - "substandard"

Organic farmer lodges court case against GM contamination - important issue (v @Beautyon_ @GMWatch)

CCDP: What we know - good summary of what we might be coming

Stream of consciousness blather - delightful: "suppressing cough unblocking bowel movement busy with a hundred things"

Opening Pandora’s box: secret treaty threatens human rights - good to see this in #AU (v @StopActaNow)#ACTA

Government's 'secret' court evidence plan rejected - more stupid ideas from UK government #policestate

Submission to the All Party Parliamentary IP Group Inquiry - good call from #ORG for open, evidence-based policy

The Leveson Love Triangle - truly sordid for all concerned

ORGCon 2012: how to lobby your MP - good practical advice #uk

"Wir haben doch schon überall dort Transparenz" - what an utter idiot (v @netzpolitik)

Confusion over warrants, surveillance powers and the intrusiveness of traffic data - excellent post #CCDP

How to make your Company and Products thrive in an Age of Cooperation - lots of nice diagrams too #p2p

Group Says Industry, EPO Finding Loopholes To Patent Seeds, Plants - #EPO is a real problem

Internationaler Aktionstag gegen #ACTA am 9. Juni 2012 - back on the streets, people

The Fight Against Copyright Enforcement & The Fight For Civil Liberties Are The Same - good analysis

RT @MarietjeD66 Join me for a stakeholders meeting on #ACTA, April 11, 13:00-15:00 in the EP, with @mmasnick& others!

Greenhouse gases drove the close of the last ice age - intresting stuff #climatescience

Farm-fresh infringement: Can you violate a patent by planting some seeds? - more patent absurdities

Dutch, Belgian publishers mull a ‘Spotify for newspapers’ - interesting idea, but devil is in the details

For a Truly Private Social Network, Try RetroShare - interesting #opensource sw for "F2F" exchanges - sadly necessary

RT @petermurrayrust Nature making data sets available as CC0 for Linked #opendata. Initial inspection positive>>good

Blimp-like inflatable wind turbine tested at high altitude - clever

#Hadopi Accused Of 'Massaging' The Numbers To Make Anti-Piracy Activity Look Better - oh, look at that...

Commission asks EU parliament to delay #Acta decision - ha! a little bit blatant, no? (v @smarimc)

#Microsoft Releases Utterly Bizarre And Confusing Anti-#Piracy Video - this. is. insane.

Welcome to eLife - oooh, exciting; potentially big #openaccess (v @petersuber @mrgunn)

A #Copyright First: Bogus Copyright Takedown Leads To Australian Court Awarding $150k Damages - #au

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