Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Vote Against Indian Internet Censorship Law - Ask your Indian MP to vote against the Internet Censorship Law.

As #ACTA 1.0 Lies Dying, Are G8 Countries Already Working On ACTA 2.0? - [RT from last night]

Austrian pirate party just won its first seat and makes front page news - piratical ascent continues #at #eu

#ACTA Closer To Death: Remaining EU Supporters Contemplate Rejecting It - nearly there

Wie #China das Internet nutzt - interesting stats and graphics

Coalition targets CBC’s free music site - stupid: this will boost sales, not harm them

Three little words - more thoughts on #abundance

good piece from @pennyred about #journalism & the people formerly known as the audience - (v @boingboing)

Major European operators label #Nokia smartphones expensive, unoriginal and buggy - tell us what you really think

European Pirate family is born - but how much will they squabble?

Research lab extends host-based cyber sensor project to #opensource - it's good to share

UK #OpenStandards Consultation - excellent example of the kind of thing we need: pl. read and submit something soon

How #Microsoft Fought True #OpenStandards I - 1st report on a treasure trove of FOI documents I have on MS lobbying

Munich's vendor independent desktop saves millions and is more robust - great data point to have #openstandards

#BSA Wants Business Software Licences To Be Checked in #VAT Audits - I'm sure UK businesses would love that #foi

How Microsoft Fought True #OpenStandards I - [for those who missed it this morning - FOI revelations of MS lobbying]

#Copyright Maximalists Try To Regroup And Figure Out How To 'Fight Back' Against The Public - incredible statements

The Frand Wars: Who’s on First? - great post #frand #patents

"We at the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) have taken a stand against #openaccess" - </facepalm> (v @putt1ck)

Is The Supreme Court Just Completely Out Of Touch On Digital #Copyright Issues? - good analysis

Elsevier agrees UBC researchers can text-mine for citizen science, research tools - "I believe this is an epic win."

SOPATrack: an app to show connections between campaign donations and voting records - the virtue of sunlight

Classical Music That Imitate Or Use Birdsong - clever cut of #spotify's holdings

The Tube Open Movie - a #blender film on #kickstarter #cc

Mother takes on #Monsanto, wins global prize - sad tale, but also inspiring

Open Source Hardware Goes to Washington - v cool project #openhardware

Twitter's Revolutionary Agreement Lets Original Inventors Stop Patent #Trolls - kudos to #twitter for at least trying

#CISPA Sponsor Mike Rogers Says Protests Are Mere 'Turbulence' On Landing - it's going to be a bumpy ride

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