Sunday, 8 April 2012


Hacks of Valor - great piece on #anonymous by Yochai Benkler (v @mbauwens)

Google Maps Exodus Continues As Wikipedia Mobile Apps Switch To #OpenStreetMap - important trend #osm

Chinese mobile #browser, #UCWeb grabs 18% market share in India - never heard of it; seems successful

This church scandal in Russia involves Photoshop, and a disappearing $30K watch - hilarious

Preserving #Aymara language and culture on Wikipedia - important role, heartwarming stuff #linguistics

Nathan Myhrvold's Delusions: Patent Wars 'Vindicate' The Importance Of Patents - amazingly clueless for one so bright

How the Modern Physics was invented in the 17th century, part 1: The #Needham Question - fascinating stuff

#Monsanto threatens the sue the entire state of Vermont - nice: thinks people don't have a right to know what they eat

well done #RedHat, you seem to have broken all of the old links to press releases and info - even internal links #fail

MT @brianbehlendorf We at @wef are looking for 2 more lead developers in NYC. Drupal/LAMP stack/JS experience + project mgmt skills

Our Bookshelf: #DRM-free #Ebook Lending Social Network - interesting idea, if only a stopgap solution...

ODDNS: Decentralized and Open #DNS To Defeat #Censorship - increasingly necessary

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