Saturday, 28 April 2012


Insanity: #CISPA Just Got Way Worse, And Then Passed On Rushed Vote - this is revenge for #sopa

What's inside an elephant? - incredible picture

UK #OpenStandards consultation – important update - in case you missed this bombshell from last night

also on UK #OpenStandards consultation: "The formal closing date for submissions will now be Monday, 4th June" –

A Timeline of #OpenSource in the US Government - nice (v @jwildeboer)

Microsoft Office 15 to support #ODF 1.2 - good news

Why #SOPA Supporters Need Secrecy in the Trans-Pacific Partnership - good analysis #tpp

UK biz needs fattening up on gov IT contracts, says No10 bod - just do it, then

HP says mission critical developers on HP-UX will move to #Linux - well, obviously

Peak plastic - great concept

Maude responds to fears over data-sharing between government agencies - hmm, we shall see

'Almost Anybody Can Have An Idea' -- #Linus Torvalds - he should know #linux

International Publishers Threaten Canada With WTO Complaint Over Bill -11
- pretty outrageous

24 Hours to Save the Bees! - if you want food, you need bees

De Gucht was unwilling to answer Castex on #ACTA access to preparatory documents - unacceptable #transparency

The Open Data Cities Conference - great stuff #opendata

Politiker-Protest gegen Wut im Netz: Shitstorm, nein danke! - fascinating development #politics

"#FRAND is a FRAUD" - good to see FSF & FSFE piling in on the UK #Openstandards consultation

New international land deals database reveals rush to buy up #Africa - worrying

More on DRM and ebooks - fab, detailed analysis from Charlie Stross; looks ebook DRM might be dying

Cabinet Office Acts On Discovery Of Undisclosed Conflict Of Interest - an extra month for submissions #openstandards

Hacking Society: It's Time To Measure The Unmeasurable - interesting stuff

#Microsoft accused of trying to secretly influence government consultation - #guardian on the case

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