Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Wellcome Trust joins 'academic spring' to open up science - great to see this going mainstream #openaccess

Voter survey: Pirates receive 7% in Austria - pirates continue their eu-wide rise (v @Falkvinge)#at

Alexander #Scriabin: Complete Chronological Catalogue on #Spotify - warning: to be consumed in small quantities

Orang-Utan-Wald steht in Flammen - shame on #indonesia for allowing this to happen #palmoil

Revealed: lobbyists' plans to hijack 'people's petitions' - such lovely people (v @oliverhoedeman @bendrath)#eu

It wasn't your imagination: US experienced warmest March ever - "March was bizarrely hot"

India's $35 tablet getting new hardware, Android 4.0 - the saga continues

Download the text of the entire English #Wikipedia - only 9.7 Gbytes - how could you resist?

#CISPA Bill Lets ISPs Spy On and Report Pirating Subscribers - this looks bad #surveillance

Sony Forecasts a Record $6.4 Billion Net Loss - unless it is v lucky & v skilful, #sony is toast

101 Piraten für ein neues Urheberrecht - literally #copyright #pirateparty

Oxford Council has announced it is suspending audio cctv in taxis - good news - now drop it

Of Microsoft, Netscape, Patents and #OpenStandards - why we must act now #rf #frand #uk

punjab governmnet in #pakistan distributing thousands of #ubuntu laptops to students - nice move (v @moldaviax)

Communicating #ClimateChange: climate factsheets - these look useful

Thanks and goodbye - the end of 2 years of SRoC - dreadful news; come on, sponsors, we need this man's work here

What one line of code can teach us - & once again, why we must have #RF licensing of claimed patents in #openstandards

#WorldBank Announces Open Access Policy for Research & Knowledge, Launches Open Knowledge Repository - (v @petersuber)

If Piracy Is So Devastating, Why Are We Seeing An Unprecedented Outpouring Of Creativity? - just wondering...

Is #Lobbying Closer To Bribery... Or Extortion? - intriguing analysis

#CCDP meetup - Old Nick #london - how appropriate; all welcome, apparently (v @e3i5)

Yes, #Copyright's Sole Purpose Is To Benefit The Public - crucial point, often overlooked

Renewed Threat on Access to EU Documents - EU Transparency Campaign - more signatures needed

Cars running on Android - there are some already, apparently

Who Sways the USDA on GMO Approvals? - fascinating & important

Unser Zuhause ist das Internet - oh yes

Chilean Pharmaceutical Companies Seek Greater #Transparency in #TPP Negotiations - hopeful sign

EU Parliament Must Stand Firm On Its Political Assessment of #ACTA - good update on where we are

Google launches the “power of the internet” campaign - surprised it took so long #sopa #acta

e-Infrastructures for Open Science – my talk in Rome - big themes from @petermurrayrust

#CISPA Is A Really Bad Bill, And Here's Why - good clear intro to dangerous stuff

The Social Networking Patent Thicket Consists Of At Least 30,000 Patents - what could possibly go wrong?

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