Saturday, 14 April 2012


Why #Microsoft's New Open Source Company? - interesting analysis of MS's latest smokescreen for its OSS attacks

More Tumult at the #TPP: Big Pharma allies attempt to shut down critics’ event - frightened of scrutiny

No jail time for birth control - forces of darkness descend upon #honduras #epetition

A stakeholder hearing about #ACTA - here's the video of some great presentations earlier this week (v @ncruz77)

First stable release of the #Calligra office and productivity suite - further proof of #opensource's vibrancy

iiNet Copyright Decision Imminent - "landmark one in terms of ISP/host liability for the actions of users" (v @MsLods)

Open-Source Hardware Association! - exciting times for #openhardware

RIAA: #Innovation is the Best Way to Kill #Piracy - have they boarded the cluetrain at last?

Time For The Yearly International Pirate Party Conference - can they build on recent successes?

OpenStack vs. CloudStack: The beginning of the #opensource #cloud wars - important stuff

Canada’s Action Plan on Open Government: A Review - useful update #ogov #opendata

#SAP Wants to be a (#Linux-Powered) Database Company - difficult while it supports #swpats

Colombian Civil Society Statement on the Passage of FTA Implementation Legislation, #Leylleras2 - bad stuff there #co

Pollution suppression in London: flawed or fraud? - #london2012 #olympics to be worse than beijing for air quality?

#fracking wastewater injection causes sharp rise in earthquakes - who could possibly have predicted this...?

#ACTA Update XIII - aren't things getting exciting?

Russia Takes SOPA-Like Approach In Encouraging ISPs To Spy On Their Users - </insert joke here>

Boris Attacks Ken Over Sultan’s Elephant, Which He Said Was Brilliant - what a twit #london

Logiciel libre: les réponses de François #Hollande et Nicolas #Sarkozy au CNLL - fascinating to see contrasts/agreement

US slams Australia’s on-shore #cloud fixation - makes it harder to spy on "allies" (v @Asher_Wolf)

ACTA Updates - how the amazing #ACTA saga unfolded over the last two months

New government report on IP doesn't say what Big Content thinks it says - great analysis of ridiculous report

Open sesame - good to see #economist backing #openaccess (v @petersuber @mrgunn)

Colombia &TPP: Calling 4 End to Unbalanced IP Exportation - "Trade agreements should return to setting rules of trade"

Report Shows MPAA 'Experts' Seriously Misrepresented The Uses Of Hotfile - some really important issues here

Why Do #Copyright Industry Profits Get To Be The Yardstick For Civil Liberties? - "won't someone think of the artists?"

How Computers Are Creating a Second Economy Without Workers - important point (v @VenessaMiemis)#economics

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