Saturday, 7 April 2012


Our Imminent Summer of Digital Discontent - [RT from yesterday] #ACTA #IPRED #CCDP

Letter to Colombian Legislature About #FTA Implementation Legislation - "more restrictive than U.S. law": not good #co

How the Snooper’s Charter materially threatens the UK Coalition Government - fascinating analysis (v @e3i5 @AlecMuffet)

Stopping Climate Change Is Much Cheaper Than You Think - updating #stern

USTR’s Short Description of IPRs in Each of the Countries Negotiating the #TPP - interesting, but warped perspective

Opposition to biotech giant #Monsanto growing worldwide, new report shows - if confirmed, important

Court Orders “Copyright Lobby-Linked” Group To Stop Pirating The Pirate Party - vaguely amusing

Publishers Sue As Boundless Learning Grabs $8M For An Open Alternative To Textbooks - more background

LibriVox Free Audiobook Project Receives Generous Mellon Support for Upgrade - great news; well deserved

Where #TPP Goes Beyond #ACTA -- And How It Shows Us The Future Of IP Enforcement - glimpses of our dystopia

Offener Brief der Jungen Piraten an die Piratenpartei - tensions within the German #pirateparty (v @netzpolitik)

Breaking News on UK #FOI Charges - another attack on government transparency (v @FOIMan UK @PoliceStateUK)

#ACTA Update XII - good news from ITRE, recycled FUD from European Commission

Leave FOI Alone (#saveFOI) - #epetition defending #uk #foi

Court Kicks Out Copyright Troll Who Has “No Desire To Litigate” - thoughtful ruling

Kreativ werden gegen #ACTA - "Klare Messages verpackt in kreative Bildideen, die sich für Demos genau so eignen"

Nonprofit “Digital Public Library Of America” To Launch In April 2013 - nice idea, but wonder how it will work

Announcing the #FRPAA Day of Action on April 25th! - yay - militant academics... #openaccess

#OpLithChild: Pedophile politicians & judges, murder & a child to be returned to the mother who pimped her - #lithuania

#OpLithChild: petition in support of abused girl in last story - shame on #lt if even half true

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