Tuesday, 17 April 2012


MPAA-Affiliated Anti-Piracy Group Mysteriously Disappears - http://bit.ly/HQtIgY spooky

Launch of the Directory of Open Access Books - http://bit.ly/If13T2 useful #openaccess

Me and My (Copyrighted) Shadow - http://bit.ly/HKoiab interesting analysis of copyright and magic case

Zerobin, Open Source Pastebin Alternative With Client-Side Encryption - http://bit.ly/J3IT7Q cool idea

How would you envisage the "governance" of such an "Internet of Things" (IoT)? - http://bit.ly/HGjRbH EU online questionnaire

What Apple’s Ebook Fiasco Means for Amazon and the Book Business - http://on.mash.to/HN5zs8 solid analysis

Gigantisches Potential: Jeder Dritte würde die Piraten wählen - http://bit.ly/HVXgvx wow, 1 in 3 could see vote Pirate – incredible

#IEEE blows it on the Security & Privacy copyright agreement - http://bit.ly/IXk6Ep totally out of touch #openaccess

Web freedom faces greatest threat ever, warns Google's Sergey Brin - http://bit.ly/HGljei interesting comment on piracy

Open source warfare != open source software - http://bit.ly/HVY1EO ESR weighs in on one of my favourite blogs

Of open data and pregnant men - http://bit.ly/IqC7r8 nicely done

The Digital Public Domain: Foundations for an Open Culture - http://bit.ly/HGmudN free #ebook #cc #pd

Cigarettes may have to be sold in plain packets following public consultation - http://bit.ly/HKeEER wait for squeals from the cancer cos.

Piratenpartei erklärt Urheberrechtspositionen - http://bit.ly/JojuTk getting there #copyright

New Zealand Patents Bill delay questioned - http://bit.ly/HYTlKg NZ buckling under US TPP pressure? (@zoobab)#tpp #swpats

Internet Industry concerns on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement - http://bit.ly/HC3Vsm great to see (v @StopActaNow)#ACTA

#Extradition The Fight of Our Lives - http://bit.ly/IPFzOp stopping #odwyer's absurd extradition to US for UK action that is not a crime

Another Reason Why #DRM Is Bad -- For Publishers - http://bit.ly/HQZvOL to say nothing of the public #publishing

How open is corporate data in Open Government Partnership countries? - http://bit.ly/IPNVp0 fascinating stats; uk doing quite well

Why was #ACTA approved in the EU Fisheries Council? - http://bit.ly/HZreKW good analysis (v @Dana_Council @avalta @RalfGrahn)

As #ACTA 1.0 Lies Dying, Are #G8 Countries Already Working On ACTA 2.0? - http://bit.ly/IOFlZQ they're certainly not giving up

Uh oh – the company that claims it invented the mobile Internet sells software businesses to focus on patents - http://tnw.co/J2vHNN risible

andtagswahlkampf: NRW-Piraten liebäugeln mit Regierungsverantwortung - - http://bit.ly/J2w6zT fascinating evolution

#ACTA Edinburgh: David Martin's views - http://bit.ly/HOnVwz useful summary

#Nokia: Moody's Cuts Debt Rating; Not Quite Junk (Yet) - http://onforb.es/J5Dihs great moodies think alike

Exposing ALEC: How Conservative-Backed State Laws Are All Connected - http://bit.ly/J2xZfQ important, amazing story (v @dozykraut)#us

Playstation Vita already dropping to record low sales in Japan - http://bit.ly/IyyGfR #sony's deathmarch continues

#Pirate Party Sues Hollywood Backed Group over Pirate Bay Censorship - http://bit.ly/HHUMNI has #BREIN overreached? #nl

#Netflix Pledges to Open Source Its "Monkey" Cloud Utilities - http://bit.ly/IGOUc3 good to see

Introduction to Wikimedia Labs - http://bit.ly/HZL1tT cool #wikipedia

Supreme Court to Hear International #Copyright Exhaustion Case - http://bit.ly/IrtoF3 important first sale case #scotus

The Mantra Of The Digital Generation: Life, Liberty & Blazing Broadband - http://bit.ly/HNSiB2 most politicians struggle to understand this

US Judge Forbids #Motorola From Using German Injunction Against #Microsoft - http://bit.ly/HN6trY patently insaner

Colombia Rushes Through #Leylleras2 Copyright Reform - http://bit.ly/Is4ZiK highly regrettable #co

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