Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Oz to review copyright law for digital age - http://bit.ly/HepGff #AU people, get those pencils sharpened

Transcripts of public hearings on #ACTA before Australia's Joint Standing Committee on Treaties - http://bit.ly/HepLj3 (v @MsLods)

The Global Knock-on Effects of #China’s Home-Grown #Standards Preferences - http://bit.ly/H7W6sS the giant awakes

Bootstrapped Startup Saves Over $100K By Dropping IE - http://tcrn.ch/H9T8tP anecdotal, but amusing #microsoft

Vorratsdatenspeicherung in Österreich startet rechtswidrig - http://bit.ly/HC9Htm bad, but not as bad as UK proposals (v @jwildeboer)#at

Kim Dotcom Back Online, Prepares To Release Music Album - http://bit.ly/HewEAI good to see judge being reasonable

Anonymous media briefings to soften us up for even more Internet Snooping in Queens Speech - http://bit.ly/HzGnIA (v @lilianedwards)

MPs of #India: Support the Annulment Motion to Protect Internet Freedom #stopitrules - http://chn.ge/HezZnx bad things happening #epetition

Don't forget to apply before 16 April - EUhackathon 2012 – Hack4Kids #H4K – 20 & 21 June 2012, Brussels http://www.euhackathon.eu/

Do not allow the government to back-door our entire communications infrastructure - http://bit.ly/HGbTCG great piece - do read #uk

Phone-hacking: more ‘pinging’ still government policy - http://bit.ly/HOKhrE eye-opening post on #uk #surveillance - read it (v @jamesfirth)

America’s new data centre makes UK #surveillance plans seem petty - http://bit.ly/HGgtAY hardly a consolation

How The RIAA & MPAA Are Like The Anti-Innovation German Weavers' Guild Of The 16th Century - http://bit.ly/Hf2DRe but more useless

#Hungary’s president resigns in plagiarism scandal - http://bit.ly/Hasukt another politician bits the dust

US draws up plans for nuclear #drones - http://bit.ly/HAG8NA one way to get nuclear materials into terrorists' hands, I suppose

Is There Any Value In Cracking Down On 'Piracy' If It Doesn't Increase Sales? - http://bit.ly/H9enLq the key question they are not asking

New copyright center ready to fire on pirates - http://cnet.co/HCwrNp we shall see... #us

Lamar Smith: #SOPA protesters were “misinformed.” - http://bit.ly/HCx0GN yeah, right

40 million companies now in OpenCorporates database - http://bit.ly/HfG9Vc impressive #opendata

Version 4.0 – License Draft Ready for Public Comment! - http://bit.ly/HFecEV exciting #cc

How #Canada's green credentials fell apart - http://bit.ly/HFAfZe sad

Irish minister in fresh #Sopa controversy - http://bit.ly/HfuTYd #censorship too - classy, Sherlock (v @Glinner)

Cyber spying plan "could put off new UK business" - http://bit.ly/HP1GmL great point (v @annadoble @newsbrooke)

Leaked LibDem internal briefing on new government surveillance plans reveals MPs being misled on key issues - http://bit.ly/HagJ81 #CCDP

Mediation process begins on EU private copying and reprography levies - http://bit.ly/HgWVP5 anachronistic waste of time (v @jonasnuts)

Public Domain Starves While Copyright Office Struggles To Modernize - http://bit.ly/HgXGr9 really regrettable, to say the least... #pd

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