Thursday, 19 April 2012


Is #TPP To Blame For Continuing Delay In Passing New Zealand's 2008 Bill That Excludes Software Patents? - bad #nz

Programming project comes to UK primary schools - at last (v @timanderson)#scratch #education

#ACTA Rapporteur's Recommendations: Reject Treaty, But Ask European Commission To Come Up With Replacement –

Torna la norma ammazza blog - this looks really bad #italy

UK open government data: the results of the official audit - interesting stats #opendata

Kiwi ISP Issues First Music Piracy ’3rd Strike’, Movie Biz Can’t Be Bothered - complete waste of time #nz

How #Microsoft Fought True #OpenStandards II - more FOI revelations of MS lobbying & inconsistencies

UK Government proposes to filter legal content for child safety - excellent analysis of misguided idea (v @rmack)

No stalling on the 2013 ban - won't someone think of the pigs?

If Publishers Can't Cover Their Costs With $10 #Ebooks, Then They Deserve To Go Out Of Business - great point

Why Every Company Should Adopt #Twitter's Internet Patent Agreement - or something like it #swpats

BT brinjal row: National Biodiversity Authority decides to prosecute #Monsanto - potentially big #india

Microsoft bigs up open source, then stuffs it under the sofa - yup

#Microsoft: #OpenStandards Are Good... If They're The Open Standards We Get Paid For - quite

Why the end of Consumer Focus is a blow to UK tech policy - this is a real tragedy & scandal: shame on UK gov

Microfinance: Why #OpenSource Means Bigger Impact - interesting

Clean up the dirtiest thing on the internet - nicely done

European Food Safety Authority admits failure on revolving doors - appalling #lobbying

Spotify Details New Global Partnership With Coca-Cola - #spotify just became seriously #uncool; time to ditch...?

Harper gets support of Chile in bid to join #TPP free-trade pact - daft; interesting comments on drug decriminalisation

Major Book Publisher Demands Jury Trial Against BitTorrent Pirates - so #johnwiley gets hated - & for what?

Open Source #Robotics Foundation - oooh, fun: "to support the development, distribution, and adoption of OSS"

Guess What? Most #Cybercrime 'Losses' Are Massively Exaggerated As Well - time to puncture those inflated claims

Gulf seafood "horribly deformed" - this. is. not. good.

In defence of NonCommercial clauses - I disagree with the overall thrust, but interesting points worth noting #cc

Ottawa elbows regulators in quest 4 final word on pipeline approvals - bit blatant, no? (v @AlexSteffen @billmckibben)

The online #copyright war: the day the internet hit back at big media - gets main dynamics quite well #sopa #ACTA

"default blocking" plan from @claire4devizes would censor adults & fail children - illiberal, patronising & unworkable

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement ("#TPP") - important new resource - don't miss

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