Friday, 6 April 2012


A #Copyright First: Bogus #Copyright Takedown Leads To Australian Court Awarding $150k Damages - {RT from last night]

Machtkampf in der KP: Chinas Elite gegen Chinas Banken - fascinating #china

Challenges to Australia’s national health policy from trade agreements - useful anlysis of #TPP (v @DrRimmer)

New iPad app could help save endangered #whales at sea - nice use of tech

Stop the UK's big brother law - good to see #Avaaz on the case - 30K sigs so far #CCDP

Mike Masnick: The Sky Is Rising! - see @mmasnick in #london, free (v @Coadec)

Richard Clarke, US Security Wonk, Suggests Customs Should Check All International Net Traffic - </facepalm>

Milkroundabout, London’s startup jobs fair, returns - great to see #london digital ecosystem flourishing

Leihbeamte: FDP-Ministerien beschäftigen Lobbyisten als Top-Berater - old-style politics; needs to stop #de

Commission sides with business on #ACTA - De Gucht talking his usual nonsense

Why the coming patent crisis is inevitable - er, it's already here, mate

Erschienen! – Wikimedia Deutschlands Tätigkeitsbericht 2011 - free download (of course) #wikipedia #de

Lords give automatic smut censorship bill the once-over - bad: parents will become less involved with their children

Lansley’s attack on #abortion: expensive, disruptive and unjustified - dangerous politicisation here (v @Glinner)

NHS Hack Day 2012 - cool idea (v @monkchips)#opendata

Our Imminent Summer of Digital Discontent - why is so much bad stuff happening all at once? #ACTA #IPRED2 #CCDP

Increased autism rates crush vaccine hypothesis - let's hope once and for all

#Afghanistan sees rise in ‘dancing boys’ exploitation - West really winning that war, eh? (v @Asher_Wolf @Pressistan)

Polish Government Funding 'Full Set Of Educational Materials' Available Under #CC-BY - more great moves by #poland

Corporate confidentiality, company relationships, & why this ‘competitive advantage’ is anti-competitive - great post

Minister’s letter fails to answer key questions - raises important points #CCDP

#OER Textbook Startup Sued By Publishers For Copyright Infringement - more bullying to protect dying business models

Our Imminent Summer of Digital Discontent - it's gonna be hot #ACTA, #IPRED, #CCDP

Information Sans Frontières: #Orphanworks directive in it’s current form creates more harm than good - no surprise

Post-#SOPA surprise: Common ground for tech, big media - don't see it myself...

5000+ Artists Line Up For a Pirate Bay Promotion - wow: the future of recorded music?

‘#Counterfeit’ Dropped From New WHO Protocol On Illicit Tobacco Trade
- intriguing

„Mein Kopf gehört mir!“: Kampagnen„journalismus“ vom Feinsten - the dinosaurs looking really rattled

Air Force Chief: It'll Be 'Years' Before We Catch Up On #Drone Data - this will be key problem in future

Liam Maxwell appointed new deputy government CIO in UK - good news for #opensource (v @swardley)

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