Saturday, 20 April 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130418 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Max Schrems zur EU-Datenschutzreform: „Von den Netzaktivisten sehe ich zu wenig Wind.“ - hey, we're trying

Snoopers' laws could be used to 'oppress us', says Cameron technology adviser - yup (v @nickpickles @glynwintle)

Free trade versus food democracy - "could wipe out local efforts to rein in corporate power and rebuild food systems"

Google is testing One Today, an Android app for giving $1 micro-donations to good causes - interesting idea

ISOC, IETF Promote Open Standardisation, Consider What’s “Open”? - important issue #royaltyfree

Überfischung: Bestände können sich schnell erholen - why we must reform #EU fisheries policy now

#TAFTA: Ambitious but Achievable - v biased, but useful insight into what rich & powerful will try to force on us #GM

Wikimedia projects reach more than 500 million people per month - now it will reach the other 6.5 billion #wikipedia

#Proms 2013: Hear 7 #Wagner Operas for £5 Each - wow, impressive #london

Klimawandel-Studie: Schneekanonen können Bayerns Skigebiete nicht retten - well, obvs

Lithuania And Estonia Use Google Maps Street View To Catch Tax Cheats - what next? #privacy #lt #ee

Why #CISPA Shows We Need Strong #EU Data Protection - we must protect ourselves #privacy #dp

Why Public Interest Trumps Trade #Secrecy - it's #fracking obvious... #transparency

#Amazon Is Finally Setting Up Shop In #Russia, Says Report, Expanding Its International Footprint Again - inevitable

#TAFTA: Global Impacts - forlorn attempt to convince #WIPO & #China that #TAFTA is not an attack on both (v @G20ICT)

.@cochranecollab signs up to AllTrials to campaign 4 reporting of all clinical trials - great news (v @bengoldacre)

RT @DaHammerstein Us, EU follow industry lobby against effective treaty for blind: TPMs, no books for individuals, "commercial availability"

MPAA, other publishers ask White House to take hard line in Treaty for Blind - why do they hate the blind so much?

EU PSI Directive - "does not seem to take bold steps the #opendata movement has been clamoring for"; good analysis

Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek: Kulturstaatsminister Neumann kauft digitale Wasserzeichen für 100.000 Euro - a waste

Police In #Japan Are Asking ISPs To Start Blocking Tor - more attacks on anything vaguely techy & subversive

The Economic Importance of Getting Data Protection Right - more US attempts to bully EU over DP (v @bendrath)

also, 4 US Chamber of Commerce "study" it's telling that preserving privacy has no value for them - what a giveaway

I’m a patient: show me the trial data - great post about why we need open clinical trial data (v @bengoldacre)

ICT in EU schools survey: – many children not getting what they need - time 2 end MS Office era: teach real computing

MUJI Stores: Stop selling shark fin soup - #MUJI says it's "eco-friendly": so drop fin soup now #epetition

Former DHS Official Says Boston Bombing Proves ACLU & EFF Are Wrong About Surveillance And CISPA - callous & cynical

"man has been jailed for faking data for a clinical trial" - wow, that's a great precedent (v @jwyg)#alltrials

Leading Italian Film Producer Calls For $16 Billion Lawsuit Against Italian State 4 Alleged Inaction Against Piracy –

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