Thursday, 4 April 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130402 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

[RT] Draft #AU Pharmaceutical #Patents Review Includes Proposal to Reduce Patent Extensions and Fund R&D Directly -

U.S. trade office reviewing India's Supreme Court drug ruling - inevitable whining & #FUD from US pharma

Copyright clash over textbook rentals - why is it copyright issue, assuming 1st sale rights exist? (v @DrRimmer)

Cyber war, this is not - someone else gets it #FUD

Palestinians Seeking Medical Care Often Detained at Gaza Crossing - shabby bullying if confirmed

The National Digital Public Library Is Launched! - well, the hobbled thing allowed by copyright is launched, at least

'Financial Times' Relaunches Web App With 'Live' and 'Morning' Editions - makes sense #ft #publishing

How #BBC betrayed the #NHS: report on 2 years of #censorship & distortion - from last year, still true, sadly #nadir

Tibetan Activists Hit by Second #Android Spy Malware - neverending story #tibet

UN general assembly passes first global arms treaty - nice, but will it actually make much of a difference?

#Sainsbury's to fund broiler feed #research - good for them; others should follow suit #food

‘Linux of online learning’ gets stronger: edX and Stanford team up to build open source platform - great #education

hugely important point here: #TAFTA could lock in privatisation of #NHSthrough investor-state dispute mechanism -

New Greenland government vows changes for raw materials industry - sensible greenlandic moves... 

Letter to European Commission on #IPRED - here's what I'm sending in the wake of the fiasco there #eu

West African states, US may work on new trade agreement - wow, now another one #africa #us #fta

Pirate Bay Proxy Owner’s Bank Account Seized by Hollywood Group - so it goes on

Iain Banks statement in full - why is it always the best ones that go first? (v @Glinner)

Seagate Shipping World's 1st 4TB Hard Drive with 1TB Platters - roughly a million MP3s: think you can stop #sharing?

WIPO treaty for the blind and Article F: Obligations concerning technological protection measures - #DRM vs blind

#OA mandate introduced in Mexican Senate - great move#mx

Are you wired for change? - saving the world with digital tech. just don't tell @evgenymorozov...

Amazon dam activists threaten to wage war on #Brazil over military incursion - there can be no winners here

Samsung and Mozilla collaborating on 'next generation' Android browser engine - good to see innovative stuff (v @gen)

How the #InternetArchive is having Great Time with #Bitcoin - fascinating; lots of great links, too

"when gays have children, the children will carry along with them DNA of their parent’s illness" - (v @bengoldacre)

DJs' 'Dihydrogen Monoxide' April Fool's Prank Results In Suspension And Possible Felony Charges - </sigh>

On Data Science with #OpenData - exciting area, still v much under development... #openscience

New Seed Legislation Spells Disaster for Farmers in #Africa - dreadful: goes against ancient farming traditions there

Cheap #Drones Made in #China Could Arm U.S. Foes - could???

Author Claims That If Apple And Microsoft Started Today They'd Fail Without Stronger Patent Protection - 

Next time you see a plea for #cybersecurity spending on more #cyberwarriors… - good analysis

I’ll Download Game of Thrones from The Pirate Bay, Iron Sky Director Tells HBO - interesting

Flushed Drugs May Threaten Stream Ecologies - important research

Paying for Delay – Putting Consumers in the Crosshairs - suffering caused by this monopolistic practice #pharma

Ethiopian girl reportedly guarded by lions - lovely story; hope it's true... (v @kmanews @asteris)

Obama's EU Trade Deal Would Include New Political Powers 4 Corporations - the real #TAFTA (v @bendrath @_oscar_reyes)

Googlers exultant over launch of Blink #browser engine -"fork of the #WebKit browser engine"

#Amazon Refuses To Publish First Cornish-Language Ebook - what's #Cornish ever done to them? #kw

iiNet: Charting a new course for authorisation law in #Australia - useful; NB #TPP at end

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