Monday, 1 April 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130330 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

A Way to Force Sane Gun Laws—Boycott #Starbucks -"huge ally of NRA by welcoming lethal weapons in its stores"

The Pirate Bay Becomes #1 File-Sharing Site as Cyberlockers Collapse - interesting trend

Where Does It Say Supreme Court Has the Constitutional Power to Hike Medicine Prices to 5x Their Cost? - #generics

Egyptian Female Cartoonist Pokes Fun at Fundamentalists - brave woman; I rather fear for her future in #Egypt #morsi

The Case for #OpenAccess - "The key to resolving these issues lies in a more radical rethink of academic publishing"

What Is the So-Called ‘#Monsanto Protection Act’? Is It Eeeeeevil? - have a guess... #foodsafety

Developer Freedom At Stake As Oracle Clings To Java API Copyrights In Google Fight - #API copyrights would be insane

Draft EU Trademark Rules and Goods in Transit - #ACTAby the back door again: could have big impact on #generics

Doctor Who – review - nice summary #drwho

OpenStreetMap, 1898 - great story (v @ManAboutCouch @dml)#osm

The #GitHub Revolution: Why We’re All in #OpenSource Now - yes, but: #linus #git (v @McDawg)

#UK Government ‘Wastes’ £200k on New Anti-Piracy Tech - on yet another idiotic, ineffective #DRM system (v @DrRimmer)

Issues with EU draft mandate for #TAFTA - "commercial policymaking behind the veil of ignorance" #opendrafts

UK Health And Social Care Act - the #NHS is being destroyed, and nobody is noticing; people must wake up

Arkansas residents evacuate as Exxon-Mobil #tarsands pipeline ruptures - just the start (v @DrRimmer)

#TPP Will Undermine Democracy, Empower Transnational Corps - excellent & detailed (v @fifarahman @PepoCardenasT)

#Egypt's top prosecutor orders arrest of hit TV satirist -'s #brotherhoodisation continues apace; sad news

Mikulski says she doesn't support '#Monsanto rider' in funding bill - so get rid of it next time

A380 über Sydney: Zwei Riesenflieger im Parallelflug - fun

studies: glyphosate-based herbicides appear to suppress the growth of beneficial gut bacteria - needs more research

YouTube Announces It Has Been An 8-Year Contest, Will Shut Down On April 1 To Determine Winner - er, too early, chaps

MT @krmaher Google privacy chief: US just needs to rebrand approach to#privacy, not actually change anything - >>wow

HBO: 'Game of Thrones' #piracy is a compliment - "it certainly didn’t negatively impact the DVD sales." (v @slashdot)

Obama administration trumpets its #openaccess policy - of huge symbolic importance: #oa has arrived politically 

Comment: the case for open preprints in biology - some fascinating stats here (v @RickyPo)#openaccess

My advice to Tony Hall - sadly, this is far too visionary and obviously just for it ever to be followed #BBC

#China’s Children of the Damned - desperately sad stuff

Paying the Costs of #Iraq, for Decades to Come - add in#Afghanistan, "somewhere between $4 to $6 trillion"

Why It’s Important For Each Of Us To Explain And Keep Explaining The Net And Its Civil Liberties - yup #copyright

Li Keqiang urges more information #openness - now, that would be impressive... #china

Blind Beggar Beaten & Thrown into Water by Yunnan Chengguan - appalling #china

so you want to change the world? - some wise words#activism

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