Saturday, 8 October 2011


WIPO boss: the Web would have been better if it was patented and its users had to pay license fees - blinded by dogma

Everything Is A #Remix: The #Matrix Edition - draws some interesting parallels with other works #creativity

10 Projects to Liberate the Web - 10 important projects for the future - of the #web, and of #freedom...

Larry Ellison unveils #Oracle Public Cloud, claims no one will be locked in - also says water no longer wet...

Larry offers Hotel California ... - why Ellison may find #interoperability is a two-edged sword

Government u-turn on vital public data - bad coalition (v @harrym @doctorow)#opendata #ogov

There's a wealth of data out there – why not let us use it? - good summary of why UK #opendata consultation matters

Eureka! Ditching #DRM Decreases #Piracy - as we all know, but here's more research confirming it

Scalable #Collaboration: Lessons From China: Li & Fung - interesting application of #opensource methodology to business

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