Saturday, 29 October 2011


Another example of how the iPhone is changing everything - glimpse of a future world

Past historic 1: how #patents for invention came from Venice to England - fascinating stuff #history

Justin Bieber Tries to Stop - sadly, this was inevitable #copyright

Activists occupy site of huge Brazilian dam - brave move, not sure how it will end

Who Will occupy Whom? A Warning for #OWS - thoughtful, provocative stuff

Hector #Berlioz: Complete Chronological Catalogue - more fab stuff from the #spotify playlist maestro

Access Info Calls for an End to Closed Negotiations on Fighting #Corruption - isn't this obvious?

Steve #Jobs - oh no: #RMS has "just one more thing" to say on the subject... </ducks>

#India formally proposes government takeover of Internet - what could possibly go wrong? (v @rmack @dotnxtcon)

RT @swardley @Mark_Antony Open Source is a key part of the UK Gov ICT Plan from the Cabinet Office >>we shall see...

Launch of Open Spending Blog: Thoughts on Journalist-Programmer interaction - more great #opendata stuff

Turkish School IT infrastructure project could use mostly #opensource - great move #turkey

Three-Eyed Nuclear 'Simpsons' Fish Caught - I'm sure it was just a coincidence it was near Argentinean nuclear plant

Will Anti-Free Trade Protectionist Agreements Be Bad For US Citizens Too? - let's guess #acta #tpp

Aardman: Shipshape and Bristol fashion - another big boost for the sympathetic pirate meme? poor #hollywood...

Mozilla's Brendan Eich on #JavaScript - and #Microsoft Buying #Netscape - read how it nearly happened

The Great Firewall of America - good summary of the key bad things in the aptly-named "E-PARASITE"

#Canonical and #Dell Retail Stores in China - pity they seem incapable of doing this in UK...

Was Galambos an IP Thief? - hilarious intellectual monopoly recursion

Rep. Blackburn, Co-Sponsor Of E-PARASITE, Explains Why Regulating The Internet Is Terrible - untroubled by logic

#Skype Goes After Reverse-Engineering - like #opensource; what a coincidence

The Non-Existent 'Cyber War' Is Nothing More Than A Push For More Government Control - yup #1984

End the #Patent Wars - recent decision enables company to "monopolize the process of discovery itself." bonkers

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