Monday, 19 August 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130817 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

HS2 train programme over budget and should be derailed, says study - I love #trains, but this looks a disaster #uk

Bundesregierung lässt sich von Booz beraten - what could possibly go wrong? #nsa

Why smart meters might not be so clever after all - all we have to do is trust the UK gov to get security right...

Yang Maodong: #China nimmt bekannten Korruptionsgegner fest - terrible news, bad sign

Documental 9.70 - help crowdfun a film  "sobre la privatización de la semilla." #seeds

[RT] Who Will Take The #Privacy Seppuku Pledge? -  a noble sacrifice; but who will make it?

Save the Cameroonian rainforest & rare chimpanzees -- stop the #Herakles Farms' project! - how can this be going on?

As Court Releases Files In Case Alleging #Google Tracked #UK Safari Users, Search Giant Wants To Move Case To US -

#UK: "able to juggle levels of #hypocrisy which transcend ordinary examples of mendacity" - (v @AnnieMachon)

How We Happened to Sell Off Our Electricity - from 2012; brilliant tale of UK's failure (v @marcuschown @reddeviljp)

#NSA-Affäre: FDP will europäische Anti-Späh-Technik vorantreiben - wow, #FDP teetering on the brink of relevance...

.@ggreenwald 's partner detained at Heathrow airport for nine hours - shameful bullying by UK poodle, er, government

RT @BoraZ Not All Industrial Food Is Evil interesting details

.@ggreenwald: Detaining my partner: a failed attempt at intimidation - has the UK really sunk this low? #nsa

UK's latest abuse of "terrorism" laws shows once more why they must be repealed: they are a threat to basic democracy in this country

it would be interesting to know who ordered detention of @ggreenwald's partner: some low-level thug, or somebody high up? #uk #policestate

what a coincidence: #UK gov is now planning to redefine dissent as election campaigning to limit it - #policestate

Partner von Glenn Greenwald wegen Terrorismus in London festgehalten - "So schnell wird man zum Terroristen in UK"

I also wonder what the President of Brazil,@dilmabr, thinks about her fellow citizen being held by UK without lawyer for 9 hours... #brazil

Police 'spied on activists for blacklisting agency' - yet more fair & decent activities by wonderful British police

Michael Grunwald and the Assange Precedent Problem - good analysis (v @llantwit @aral)

Paranoid Browsing: anti-profiling plugin seeks feedback - "creating a false set of preferences"; nice

Next Time, Pay Attention. - "Congratulations on noticing. Now do something about it, because you’re next."

of course, in the light of revelations about #NSA spying, attempts to make sure everyone is on the Net don't look quite so beneficent...

#BBC still has nothing about @ggreenwald's partner being held, but BBC's Chinese site does - China will love this...

"You have now demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that these anti-terror provisions are capable of rank abuse" -

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