Monday, 5 August 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130804 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

"#Cameron’s bedroom tax is the worst possible combination of #cruelty and incompetence" - (v @stefanstern @vickeegan)

Quiet Realization of Ivan Illich's Ideas in Contemporary Commons Movement - great stuff (v @johnthackara @DrRimmer)

#TPP agreement–secret threats to environment - biggest threat is ISDS

UK most unequal country in the West - at least the Tories can point to something they have inarguably achieved...

Take a Close Look at Craziness of the GOP's Attempts to Destroy Obamacare - actually an attack on democracy

93% of US Public Wants GMO Labeling—Monsanto & Big Ag Plan to Spend Millions in Propaganda to Change Minds -

Veto of Apple Ruling Likely to Upend Big Patent Battles - perhaps they should just make better products instead

UK’s biggest ‘fatberg’ discovered in #London sewer - yuk (v @BoingBoing)

A Tipping Point Against Copyright Monopoly Regime Is A Lot Closer Than You Think - upbeat stuff from @Falkvinge

Here’s why economists hate software patents - good roundup by @binarybits

The Entrepreneurial State: Debunking Public vs Private Sector Myths, by @MazzucatoM - looks important for this field

U.S. directs agents to cover up program used to investigate Americans - oh, look: more of this stuff (v @tom_watson)

#Privatisation isn't working. It's time for a public service users bill - yes, tide must turn (v @Debbie_abrahams)

Britons turn against privatisation of services – new poll - great; let's harness that #commons

#NSA Blowback: #de Minister Floats US Company Ban - but will any parsnips get buttered? (v @AngelaRichter_ @ioerror)

Exoplanet: Astronomen fotografieren Jupiter-Zwilling - this is just the beginning: imagine what we'll see in 5 years

RT @scatatkins 1h  virgin trains have #cctv in the toilets. this is grim. >> wut? can this be true? (v @alexanderhanff)

#NSA handing over non-terror intelligence - what? they said they didn't recently; this is a serious escalation

Rep. Rogers Blocking Other Congressional Reps From Access To Info On NSA Surveillance -  how not to do damage control

OFF Pocket Is A Privacy Pouch For Your Phone That Blocks Cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS To Defy Spies - easier than a fridge

Royal Mail launches consultation on simpler Postcode Address File licence - easy: ODC Open Database License (v @dml)

The complexity of cracking open the data door - #clinicaldata belongs to those who gave it: the public (v @wilbanks)

Europäische Union erneuert Schäuble’s Überwachungsmatrix – Kommt das “Rom Programm”? - ludicrous after #NSA spying

The simple calculus of the #TPP: Corporations over states - good analysis of the chilean situation #ISDS

Roving police cars snap license plate pictures 4 massive vehicle location databases - what could go wrong? (v @sjvn)

More voices join the chorus for patent reform - good luck with that #abolition

Building a reliable and efficient Crowdmap - interesting technical details of how #ushahidi does it

Congress Flips Out About '#Snowden The Traitor' As They Try To Pass Legislation To Stop The Program He Revealed -

Greenwald: #Snowden “Doing Very Well" in Russia After Sparking "Extraordinary Debate" on NSA, Spying - good to hear

House Intelligence Committee Threatens Rep. Grayson For Informing Other Reps About Leaked #NSA Docs From Guardian -

RT @charlesarthur "#China’s top five vendors account for 20% of the world’s smart phone shipments" - Canalys. Blimey. >>& it will go up

Greenwald: Is U.S. Exaggerating Threat to Embassies to Silence Critics of #NSA Domestic Surveillance? - #squirrel

Embassy closures earn little respect for a US that's lost benefit of the doubt - exactly: why should we believe them?

#MOMA & the #Guggenheim Offer 474 Free Art Catalogues Online - kudos: all should do it (v @klang @brainpicker)

Children given lifelong ban on talking about #fracking - how long before it comes to UK as part of the fracking deal?

U.S. Trade Suffers, Envoys Say, for Want of Jet Fare - maybe too many trade deals, then? (v @jamie_love)#TPP #TTIP

Foreign firms risk becoming scapegoats in China’s new get-tough environmental policy - interesting development

Japan nuclear body says radioactive water at Fukushima 'emergency' - good job we're told it's safe (v @schestowitz)

When Hallucinations Walked the World - fascinating stuff

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