Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130805 - http://bit.ly/1905BKr yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Software to Help Free Breast Cancer Gene Data - http://bit.ly/13J4iv3 clinical data must be #opendata #brca #myriad (v @DrRimmer)

Letter from: the fascinating, forbidden land of #Dagestan - http://bit.ly/15JyRnt I'll add it to the list (v @onewmphoto @KarenaAv)

Will a new #AU government hand control of our energy to overseas investors? - http://bit.ly/19K0lO3 #TPP is the threat #isds

Survey: Most Italian Internet Users Think Ignoring #Copyright Harms Publishers, But Not Society As A Whole - http://bit.ly/16qWJeB #italy

Are we at risk of a ‘see no evil, hear no evil’ snooping culture? - http://bit.ly/15Esjca worrying #uk

As #Russia Expands Its 'Think Of The Children' Laws To #Copyright, Agency In Charge Investigated For Infringement - http://bit.ly/16wMN5b

#PRISM could cost U.S. cloud companies up to $35B, says think tank - http://bit.ly/1547uAI how bad does it have to get before it stops?

NSA Surveillance and Mission Creep - http://bit.ly/1b8MRZZ @Bruce_Schneier:"The #surveillance state is closer than most of us think."

Bringing global human rights into the surveillance debate - http://bit.ly/11JyvfP we 6.5 billion count, too... (v @eurorights @Asher_Wolf)

CSU-Poltiker Geis fordert “Porno-Filter” auch für Deutschland - http://bit.ly/13he5IS

"the old world has not won. The leaks will never end." - http://bit.ly/13hmA6D (v @JLLLOW)#bradleymanning #snowden #whistleblower

The Free-Trade Blues - http://nyti.ms/13Ye3EO FTAs make rich richer: "In other words, winner takes all." (v @PCGTW)#TPP #TAFTA/#TTIP

Michael Froman's decision in Apple/Samsung ITC patent dispute, and the USTR trade agenda - http://bit.ly/1cGepHW great post (v @burcuno)

Corporate bribery is about to get many millions of dollars more risky in #Brazil - http://bit.ly/13YwwRH fab news (and fab pic)

Home Office 'Go Home' drive on illegal immigrants faces Liberty riposte - http://bit.ly/13DcvV7 brilliant; more please

Tell Old Pharaoh: Let My Postcodes Go - http://bit.ly/13K64fn data produced by public body should be released as fully #opendata #royalmail

Users of hidden net advised to ditch Windows - http://bbc.in/15KNXcn </rubs eyes> on #bbc??? (v @technollama)#tor

 Obama's abuse of the Espionage Act is modern-day McCarthyism - http://bit.ly/155ahtq written by someone who learnt the hard way

Comcast NBC Universal Already Moving Past 6 Strikes; Trying New Malware Popups Urging Downloaders 2 Buy - http://bit.ly/13K7qH8 </facepalm>

OHM 2013 — The Joy of Geeks - http://bit.ly/15KZRmv "The geeks are tooled-up, tech-savvy, and increas­ingly #politi­cised": this is key

New #Vietnam Decree Says Blogs And Social Media Must Contain Only Personal Information, Not News Reports - http://bit.ly/172eXDo

Bradley Manning's maximum sentence reduced to a possible 90 years - http://bit.ly/13i3ehK uh, right

Former NSA Boss Calls #Snowden's Supporters Internet Shut-ins; Equates Transparency Activists With Al-Qaeda - http://bit.ly/15Hf8aw bonkers

US government’s black boxes for economic data could be manipulated - http://bit.ly/191yMwS the Invisible Hand is dirty...

OS X apps run on #Linux with Wine-like emulator for Mac software - http://ars.to/1407Sjr ambitious #apple

On the Thoughts of Chairman Bruce - http://bit.ly/12YxL9p worth reading, along with piece that provoked it... #snowden

The #NSA Leaks Put Our 'Methods' At Risk, But Bragging About Monitoring Al Qaeda Emails Doesn't? - http://bit.ly/15HonaO huh?

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