Saturday, 31 August 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130829 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Colombia Uprising: Is This What "Free Trade" Looks Like? - #TPP countries should bear this in mind before signing

Open Economics: the story so far… - useful review

The #Lobbying Bill threatens new, illiberal regulation for blogs - & much else besides; needs re-writing

Why Coca-Cola's New Ad Campaign May Be Dangerous to Your Health - will #TTIP bring this to EU too?

EU Consultation on ways to open up more public data - good opportunity - let's take it #opendata (v @NeelieKroesEU)

Edward #Snowden deserves the Sakharov Prize - sounds right to me

#NZ's smokefree commitment tested by Malaysia on #TPP - an opportunity it must seize

More on the #NSA Commandeering the Internet - @Bruce_Schneier spells out the bad news...

#Miranda: police allowed to investigate seized data - for "communication of material to an enemy" - that's you & me

Moscow "Roofers" - pix - I feel sick just looking at these... (v @jackschofield)

’970’ asks why #Colombia is confiscating farmers’ rice and dumping it in the garbage - FTA madness

Germans switch to national email providers after US scandal - temporary or permanent change? (v @privacyint)#nsa

Reducing ivory and rhino horn demand is key to the species' survival - so depressing #china

Court Says Feds Don't Have To Reveal Secret Evidence It Gathered Against 'Terror' Suspect Using FISA - awful decision

Democracy has stopped UK going to war - can it save England's #NHS? - good question (v @DrJackyDavis @marcuschown)

#TPP negotiators end 'difficult' round - "a Malaysian official said negotiators made little progress"

More #PRISM fallout: Indian government may ban Gmail use - seems unlikely; heavy if true #india

PirateBrowser Hits 500,000 Downloads, Tor Traffic Surges - question is, are they causally related?

"secrecy, while necessary, is also a breeding ground for abuse" - a key issue, especially given the #NSA's power

Once Again, Will People Say That Reporters Revealing Details Of US Intelligence On #Syria Be Called Criminals? -

Central & Eastern EU to Benefit Most from #TTIP - totally ignores indirect costs from weakened stds (v @TTIP Action)

The Syria vote: Britain's new mood - "fed up with the humiliating excesses of US national security policy" #nsa

Tupi: 2D Animation Software for Everyone! - GPL'd Kickstarter project (v @carobotero)

German Publishers File Criminal Complaint Against Two News Sites For Mentioning Name Of Unauthorized Ebook Site -

US should re-evaluate surveillance laws, ex-#NSA chief acknowledges - "you will not lie to the Congress"

US won’t let Microsoft, Google reveal more data on #FISA orders - so much for obama's #transparency

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