Sunday, 4 August 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130803 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Other Agencies Clamor for Data #NSA Compiles - including, of course, those dealing with #copyright infringement

Dirty Hands: 77 #ALEC Bills in 2013 Advance a Big Oil, Big Ag Agenda - cynical and shameless

#TPP: Trance Pacific Partnership - a Richard Stallman cartoon - no, really #rms

Oversight: the future of bland, corporate ubiquitous #surveillance - brilliant and chilling

How UK water companies are polluting Britain's rivers and beaches - time to renationalise this key resource

Ignore #fracking protests, government tells planners - this government is just a disgrace #democracy

New #Tory guru Jim Messina linked to homophobic political advert - just what the UK needs: more hatred

WikiLeaks founder proud of Australian support - wonder what will happen here? #AU #assange

#xkcd 1190 - #Time - I watched this all the way through yesterday: extraordinarily moving. a modern masterpiece

500 Millionen Verbindungsdaten im Monat: BND betreibt Vorratsdatenspeicherung durch die Hintertür - it goes on #nsa

Maths Advances Raise Prospect of an Internet Security Crisis - that would be interesting (v @swardley)#encryption

pic of the week: #london - amazing view towards sunset from the #shard (v @Londonist)

The #water companies and the foul stench of exploitation - great analysis of how we are being fleeced in every way

Bradley Manning case stretches credibility of US computer fraud law - great comparison with #mylai massacre

#Fracking will meet resistance from southern nimbys, minister warns - #tories attacking their rural base? can't wait

Dowra No 2 #Fracking Site Near Owenmore River Gubb Glangelvin - luckily, UK streams already polluted by water cos....

#Congo's rare mountain gorillas could become victims of oil exploration - shame on UK company involved #soco

Costa Rica announces plans to close its #zoos and release animals from captivity - wow

Members of Congress denied access to basic information about #NSA - "repeatedly thwarted" #oversight

Confidentiality needed in #TPP - even if were true, tabled documents should still be released (v @Sean_Fiil_Flynn)

Terrorist threat followed 'pre-9/11 levels' of 'chatter', say #NSA defenders - oh, look a squirrel... #snowden

Le Royaume-Uni glisse vers quelque chose de bien pire que la censure - not good (v @elibertes)

#Mexico and #Canada declared part of US homeland by Senate maps - whoops, the mask slips (v @JavaBean79924)

Prosecutor Stephen Heymann told MIT that Aaron Swartz was like a rapist who blames his victim - such a lovely man

IIPA on #TPP [pdf] - every debunked figure, every stupid idea, all in one place: genius

 US-Bürgerrechtlerin über Überwachung: "Das Sammeln von Metadaten an sich ist schon Missbrauch" - #nsa

#Ethics and #Power in the Long War - powerful & important piece by @Dymaxion pl. do read it #nsa #hackers

Anonymous Web-host shut down, owner arrested; Tor users compromised by Javascript exploit - has the war on Tor begun?

Hidden Services, Current Events, and Freedom Hosting - update from #tor on what's happening (v @helen_bleep)

"All publicly funded research should be in the public domain - no patents, no copyrights, no restrictions" - you bet

Terror threat opens new front in #NSA debate - yes, the "look, a squirrel" front... (v @ggreenwald)

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