Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130825 - http://bit.ly/17XvzfT yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#3Dprinted iPhone gear stirs Game of Thrones #copyright clash - http://bit.ly/18UVZ2W not learning from the past (v @MsLods @jotofsense)

The #NSA: "The Abyss From Which There Is No Return" - http://bit.ly/1fdlDBD just the facts (v @karounos)

#NSA row: Merkel rival threatens to suspend EU-US trade talks - http://bit.ly/15oUkTt #german politician ups the stakes with #TTIP/#TAFTA

UK blood plasma company sale to Bain Capital 'endangers NHS supplies' - http://bit.ly/12DlYeo placing profits ahead of patients

Croatia defies EU on arrest warrant - http://bit.ly/16CjTww not a good start to EU membership...

Sina, China’s answer to Twitter, enters the mobile messaging battle with its own app - http://tnw.co/17XAu0v key market hotting up more

#Fracking Boom Slouching Toward Bust - http://bit.ly/176l3qj so cameron buys blindly into hype just as it's being deflated...

When online feminist activism meets the #surveillance state - http://bit.ly/15bjSGz another perspective on #NSA et al.

Chinese Internet Hit by Attack Over Weekend - http://on.wsj.com/15bkImp wow, wonder who did it? (v @paulmozur @clarinette02)

Alexander Grossmann on the state of #OpenAccess: Where are we, what still needs to be done? - http://bit.ly/176owoT another great interview

#Badger cull go-ahead flies in the face of scientific evidence, says Labour - http://bit.ly/17XDvxL gov ignores facts when it's convenient

After Groklaw shutdown: http://MyKolab.com positioned as a Lavabit alternative, now offering a Lite option - http://bit.ly/19U2Ka1

Archeologists use drones to protect and explore ancient Peruvian ruins - http://bit.ly/17eiOPU great idea

Codename 'Apalachee': How America Spies on Europe & UN - http://bit.ly/142FCOp hugely important piece from @DerSPIEGEL (v @superglaze)

Whistleblower: Russlands Konsulat in Hongkong soll #Snowden Unterschupf gewährt haben - http://bit.ly/17eoauD intriguing #russia

"Havana told Moscow the U.S. would not allow the plane to land in Cuba if #Snowden was on board." - http://bit.ly/17erUw4 (v @CasparBowden)

Guantanamo Bay Authorities Ban Solzhenitsyn's 'The Gulag Archipelago' - http://bit.ly/19HqIBN you can't make this stuff up...

Open Sourcers Pitch Secure Email in Dark Age of PRISM - http://bit.ly/16CXGyz more on #mailpile

MT  ‏@AdV007 Interesting! Internetarchitects #IETF want to encrypt large part of the web - http://www.ietf.org/proceedings/87/slides/slides-87-httpbis-3.pdf … (v security.nl)

#NSA leaks: David #Cameron's response is intimidation, says world press body - http://bit.ly/17Y2Fwb not that he'll care, of course...

#NSA and #GCHQ: the flawed psychology of government mass #surveillance - http://bit.ly/19Uk8eJ need to look at consequences of spying, too

Laura Poitras on #Miranda Detention: 'Blatant Attack on Press Freedom' - http://bit.ly/18VnTfn interesting details (v @suigenerisjen)

an attack on #Syria by US is surely inevitable - because it distracts the world & its journalists from the #NSA and Snowden's revelations...

Why #opensource is the future of clinical trials - http://red.ht/18fjHEQ need #opendata too (v @schestowitz)

Climate sceptics launch Citizens Initiative to suspend EU climate targets - who's paying? - http://bit.ly/18fkk1e now, who could it be...?

State of innovation: Busting the private-sector myth - http://bit.ly/16DD49k important points

U.S. stance on #TPP criticized - http://bit.ly/19UrheW resistance begins to grow, but #japan gets political

Hive: A BitTorrent-Enabled Unlimited Cloud Storage Sharing Network - http://bit.ly/1c9kviU timely...

How to Monitor the Rule of Law, Democracy and Fundamental Rights in the EU - http://osf.to/1dj2t1G in case you were wondering

Groklaw, Domestic Surveillance and the True Measure of Risk - http://bit.ly/15pGNLB important analysis: "the true risks of terrorism"

Restoring the forgotten Javanese script through Wikimedia - http://bit.ly/13STkc6 lovely stuff

Beneficial ownership registries should be published as open data - http://bit.ly/15bRvYy crucial for #transparency

Updating about #Arduino Yún (video preview!) and Arduino Robot - http://bit.ly/1dhr325 "wifi-enabled linux board"

US pledges patience as Pacific free trade talks stumble - http://bit.ly/1c9qOCU more signs #TPP is faltering

#TPP talks on #Japan's farm products likely 2 begin in Sept - http://bit.ly/17gTUNK "generally supportive of the #ISDS clause" – foolish

Ed #Snowden Covered His Tracks Well; How Many Other #NSA Staffers Did The Same? - http://bit.ly/15pSwK7 hugely important point

Unleash your team's potential with #FengOffice - http://red.ht/18W4Ph9 interesting; anyone use this?

How #Snowden did it - http://nbcnews.to/13TF4Qh "At certain levels, you are the audit" (v @csoghoian)

Why NSA Boss Believes His Agency Is All Good: Intentions vs. Actions - http://bit.ly/14yrccL plausible

Government's Redaction Fail Causes Exceptionally Grave Damage To Nation's Security - http://bit.ly/17fwJVY whoops #NSA

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