Saturday, 3 August 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130801 - earlier tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

UK spy agency #GCHQ prostitutes itself to #NSA - my thoughts exactly: this is the UK dropping them for the US....

Immigration spotchecks not racist, says Home Office - also: Pope not a Catholic... #policestate

#TPP Negotiations Deprive New Zealanders Of Promised Copyright Consultation -- For Secret Reasons - sovereignty much?

 R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company Loses $37.5 Million Battle Over Lung Cancer Victim - great result

#NSA-Affäre: Bundesanwaltschaft fordert Auskünfte von Geheimdiensten - go for it #surveillance

New Zealand pushing plans to drill Middle-earth as Hobbit filming ends - more carbon insanithy #NZ

Reactions To Treaty On Plant Genetic Resources For Food And Agriculture - anyone know if this is good/bad/other?

Seven telcos named as providing fiber optic cable access to UK spies - deeper down the rabbit hole #nsa #gchq

Leaked draft legislation reveals EU telecom regulations lack promised #netneutrality provisions -

Could Open Source Make #GMOs More Palatable? - removing the issue of monopolies & control

#Peru Proposes Default Internet Censorship Requiring Opt-in To View Pornography - can't imagine where it got the idea

Jimmy Wales: David Cameron's #porn filter idea is ridiculous and will fail - when will cameron get it? #censorship

Children, 7 and 10, faced "lifetime gag" in fracking settlement - #fracking overturns all normal logic and humanity

Universal Credit staff describe chaos behind scenes of flagship Tory reform - "firefighting and panic management" #uk

Targeted advertising to be subject to 'do not track' standard - ad industry's sense of entitlement (v @lilianedwards)

Trade Agreements With Mexico & South Korea Turned Out To Be Disasters For US: So Why Pursue #TPP And #TAFTA/#TTIP? -

The Lies Your Government Tells You About #NSA Surveillance - why we can no longer believe anything it says here

#NSA-Überwachung: Sieben Fragen an die Bundesregierung - good  ones

#China's Infamous 'One-Child Policy' Is About To Become A 'Two-Child Policy' - pretty big shift (v @africatechie)

European oil exploration threatens #Congo world heritage site - this is insane #EU

(Most) Galaxy Zoo Papers now #OpenAccess - good news, but seems only fair #citizenscience

#Fracking firm Cuadrilla trespassed on private land for geological surveys -  owners must learn: omnia vincit frangor

Bradley #Manning’s conviction sends a chilling message - good historical context (v @Thomas_Drake1)

#mailpile: Let's take email back - potentially important project. pl. support it here: #nsa

#FBI pays for malware so it can spy on us with our phones and computers - "undermines the #security of all of us"

Protect Nahla Mahmoud - why have UK police dropped this death threat case? v troubling

The Ecuadorian Library - brilliant, strangely uplifting piece by Bruce Sterling that nails whole #NSA saga (v @jjn1)

Tweeting arrests of 'illegal immigrants' is a new low for the Home Office - and that's saying something #racism #uk

#GCHQ: inside the top secret world of Britain's biggest spy agency - emphasises importance  of encryption (for us)

Überwachung: #BND leitet massenhaft Metadaten an die #NSA weiter - (v @MarcelRosenbach @bendrath)#de

Hackertreffen OHM: Ausbildungscamp für #Whistleblower - great, more needed

Edward #Snowden is a #Whistleblower - as if anyone reasonable still doubted it (@jeffjarvis @DavidBarstow)

Protecting democracy by killing it: Obama administration's 'Insider Threat Program' - (v @radleybalko @trevortimm)

#Obama's Truth Team: "fighting back with facts against myths and lies" - beyond parody (v @CassandraRules @smarimc)

Pelosi faces liberal heat for #NSA snooping support - how long before the U-turn?

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