Monday, 4 February 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130202 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

"Solar fusion is a myth" - why is this idiotic garbage allowed to be "taught" in #UK schools?

After 30 years, is a GM food breakthrough finally here? - pro-GM; skates over patents, key issue here

"already 70 patent claims on the constructs used to make the #goldenrice" - an alternative view, but no refs

Michael Gove's computer science revolution is long overdue - yup; but let's see what this means in practice #education

Important Study Of High Blood Pressure Medicine Retracted - another reason we need #openclinicaldata

Help Wanted: Consultants for the Web Index - "ranking of countries evaluating access, affordability"; Global Integrity

Mozilla Calls for "Firefox Flicks," and Offers Cash Prizes - http:// short clips that "help tell the Firefox story."

#Thailand: FTA imperils public interest - don't sign it, then

Lawmaker's "elephant expenses" challenged - wut? #at

How #TPP lost its way - great explanation of how #US has tried to impose one-sided, unfair measures on others

The Black Hornet - UK's tiny spy #drone - the key question: does it run on #linux? (v @AnnieMachon)

Positioning ACM for an #OpenAccess Future - well, at least they're trying  (v @RickyPo)

Открытые данные Москвы — начинаем их анализировать и использовать. Данные о бюджете - so get stuck in #opendata #ru

US school considers policy that takes #copyright of students’ work - that'll teach 'em (v @jackshafer @doctorow)

"perhaps the worst example of scientific illiteracy in government" - (v @davorg @jackschofield)#homeopathy #astrology

After Aaron, #Reputation Metrics Startups Aim To Disrupt The Scientific Journal Industry - tricky, but necessary

Lion breeder in Yemen cashes in on Gulf demand - who buys a lion as a pet has a small brain and/or small penis

Knight Foundation News Challenge on open gov launches Feb. 12 - serious dosh to be won #ogov (v @karounos)

A Brilliant Parody of #DRM - ha!

Police spies stole identities of dead children - "without consulting or informing the children's parents." (v @cstross)

#Android #malware emerges on Google Play, uses your microphone to record you - sort it, google, now...#security

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