Saturday, 2 February 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130131 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#plagiarism, not sharing, is the real threat to creativity - attribution is how you make money

Richard Fink: The Koch Brothers’ Big Tobacco Man Behind the Kochtopus Curtain - contemptible individual

How #MIT Can Honor Aaron Swartz - "Fight to make academic journals open to everyone." least it can do

Open Source Gaming Backend OpenKit Plans Private Beta Launch Tomorrow, Raises Another $100K - gaming taking off here

Plan Bee: Brussels pitches two-year pesticide ban - if they're dangerous, ban them permanently, no? #eu

“Six strikes” boss insists new system won’t harm public Wi-Fi - but only if it's "business class", whatever that means

A Sustainable Digital Economy for #Canada - good points about #TPP and #CETA

Former Obama Cybersecurity Czar Warns Against Use of Cyberweapons - good to see some sense for a change

Forget 3D-Printed Buildings, The European Space Agency Is Exploring 3D-Printed Moon Bases - makes sense

Magic, copyright, and internal enforcement mechanisms - interesting

#Japan seen joining the #opendata revolution, albeit slowly - to see (v @21cSusie @remixtures)

Free Barrett Brown - another Aaron Swartz: faces ~100 years in prison; absurd US government bullying

Proposed EU data protection reform could start a “trade war,” US official says - EU gets threatened for wanting privacy

Patents Kill: Millions Die in Africa After Big Pharma Blocks Imports of Generic AIDS Drugs - and that's a fact

Affordable 3D Printer Maker Pirate3DP Hooks In $482K From Red Dot Ventures - provocative name much?

Lewisham Hospital A&E And Maternity To Be Downgraded - stealth attack on #NHS continues

EU urged to scrap use of personal data measures for cloud computing amid US#surveillance concerns - good #LIBE report

UK Government Fails Its First Big Procurement Test - not a surprise; still a disgrace #opensource #erp

Humans killed off Tasmanian Tigers single-handed - sad#thylacine

#Australia orders Japanese whalers to stay away - yay, quite right #japan

Dutch PhD-workshop on research design, #openaccess and #opendata - "a new issue to most of the students"

European Commission keeps big business in the driving seat: deadline for reform ignored - unacceptable #EU

"Met telling a complainant to report a crime allegedly committed by the Met to the Met" - yeah, that'll work #policing

Surrey County Council’s Travel SMART programme – participatory budgeting in action - intriguing

The U.S. Proposal for an Intellectual Property Chapter in #TPP - detailed analysis of what we know from leaks etc.

Milan court convicts 3 Americans in CIA kidnapping -"diplomatic immunity" not worth a bean #extraordinaryrendition

With 8m users in #China#Mozilla’s Firefox is battling to gain ground against local browsers - the last frontier?

US government to release #opendata using OKF’s CKAN platform - win all round

О Лиге небезопасного Интернета или «А почему бы не создать список котов, которых можно погладить?» - worrying idea #ru

Korea-Belgium investment agreement, a hole for investor lawsuits - appalling loophole for investor-state disputes

the West Papuan struggle for independence - more people need to know about #Indonesia's #tibet (v @avilarenata)

Overcoming Barriers to a Global Treaty on Medical Funding and R&D - the way forward for pharma?

Google's Other Bad Idea: Offering 50 Million Euros To French Newspapers - it took 1000s of PhDs to come up with this?

What's the next big platform for #Linux? - top for#smartphones & #supercomputers, where now? hint: they're everywhere

Blackberry Stunned As Alicia Keys Terminates 200 Employees On 1st Day As Creative Director - (v @eringriffith @mathewi)

RT @natmakar Magazine en ligne en français similaire à "Make Magazine". >>"Un Juke Box avec le Raspberry-Pi" (v @nitot)

EU poll reveals widespread concern about #transparency - how about giving us some, European Commission? #CETA

Austria : Leading the Open Government Implementation Model - good work #at #ogov

Google creates €60m Digital Publishing Innovation Fund 2 support transformative French digital publishing initiatives -

[update] Google's Other Bad Idea: Offering 50 Million Euros To French Newspapers - they paid 60 million+...

Copyright Alliance Invents New History (And New Meanings For 'Big' And 'Little') To Condemn Antigua - incredible

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