Friday, 22 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130320 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#BP accused of rewriting environmental record on Wikipedia - rewriting history? #pollution

'Falluja Babies' and Depleted Uranium -- America's Toxic Legacy in #Iraq - this is another fine legacy

Pro-Patent Panic and Hyperbole While Waiting for #Myriad - stuff #genepatents

EFF Joins Coalition Urging White House to Veto #CISPA - too

EU roadmap for Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership #TAFTA - where's the "full impact assessment report"?

#Apple's #Patent For Creating A Leak-Proof Data Pipe, And Why It's Doomed To Fail - Eben Moglen was right again

Keine Mehrheit im Bundesrat gegen das Leistungsschutzrecht - that's regrettable #lsr

Privacy and policing databases: European Court ruling in M.M v. the United Kingdom - NB UK gov's pathetic response

UK Politician Hates the (Digital) Environment - calls emails "cyber-attack"; thinks "cyber" is still groovy

"Windows malware used in the attacks is a component that erases Linux machines" - no comment required...

Research Reveals Almost All Climate Science Denial Books Linked To Conservative Think Tanks - also: sky is blue etc

Jordan #OpenSource Association denounces Internet #censorship in new telecoms bill - kudos (v @jilliancyork @rmack)

#scholrev; Why are we doing this and immediate thoughts on how to proceed - good to see momentum here #openness

#Microsoft 2012 Law Enforcement Requests Report - good to see: all similar cos. should do this (v @krmaher) 

Question for written answer (Rule 117): The EU-US trade agreement and obligations under ICESCR - #TAFTA #opendrafts

FDA's graphic cigarette labels rule goes up in smoke after U.S. abandons appeal -  absurd (v @DrRimmer)

First Planck results: the Universe is still weird and interesting - #welovescience

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act Is Even Worse Than You Think - copyright maximalists hate the disabled

Canadian Librarians 'Owe Duty Of Loyalty To The Government,' Must Self-Censor Opinions Even In Private - er, Canada??

Entendiendo el gobierno abierto: Una experiencia Uruguaya - great to see #uruguay #ogov

Bill Gates: Food Is Ripe for Innovation - translation: ripe for #patents

Don't clobber bloggers with Leveson - badly-worded legislation that could cause serious harm: needs tightening #UK

Fresh Calls to Congress to Make Movie and Music #Streaming a Felony - likely to grow louder

Differences in Prominent US and EU Treaties Concerning Liability For Service Providers - words, words, words #TAFTA

Texas Congressman: 'The Best Thing About the Earth Is if You Poke Holes in It Oil and Gas Come Out' - uh-huh

Blanco: Free trade agreements are rendering WTO rules obsolete - important point #TAFTA

The New Freedom to Tinker Movement - "Let’s use this moment as an opportunity to restore balance to the law."

Leveson Collateral Damage - more thoughts

This Illegally Made, Incredibly Mesmerizing Animated GIF Is What the Internet Looks Like - pretty

#EFSA paves way for regulating endocrine disruptors in food - great news 

Diplomarbeit über Fleisch: Einmal gefolterte Pute, bitte - the appalling things we do to animals before eating them

USTR Tells Congress: EU-US FTA Should Elevate IPR Enforcement - they have learnt nothing from #ACTA (v @PostActa)

EU-#India FTA may hit generic medical industry - if true, thousands will die every year as a result: shame on #EU

How We Could Prevent Massive Bee Deaths and Save Our Food - sounds like a good idea

Defend the #OpenWeb: Keep #DRM Out of W3C Standards - you bet

Long way to go yet for mega trade deal #TPP - excellent update on obstacles & opportunities #NZ #japan #dairy

Political Pressure Pushes NASA Technical Reports Offline -; libraries next?

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