Saturday, 23 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130321 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#water is a right not a commodity, say MEPs - too right (v @olivierhoedeman)#commons

Imprisoned internet pioneer #Bassel Khartabil wins Index on Censorship Digital Freedom Award - let's hope it helps

Revolutionising Scholarship: HackYourPhD and shape and practice of the#scholrev community - exciting

#Openaccess for the people - hugely important aspect of making knowledge more widely available #oa

Canonical and Chinese standards body announce #Ubuntu collaboration - interesting, but how big will it really be?

ex-soldier facing American court over ‘$100k fraud’ - fix one-sided extradition treaty now (v @jrodwyer @AnnieMachon)

UK supreme court goes into secret session for first time - failure by judges to uphold basic justice

Japan, EU to launch free trade talks next week - so how will that fit with #TPP and #TAFTA#opendrafts

Umstrittenes Internet-Gesetz: Bundesrat winkt Leistungsschutzrecht durch - not good #lsr

Why the #UnitaryPatent Will Harm European Innovation - for the reasons you might expect #eu #swpats

Dangerous Blogs Act - worrying #leveson #journalism

#ru Widens Online Lead In EU With 61.3M Users; EU5 Smartphone Penetration Now 57%, Samsung, Android Leading -

A Tale Of Two Studies: File Sharing Hurts Sales! - or maybe not

Das Ende der Flatrates? - and of #netneutrality in #de?

#Android has won: now what? - winning was the easy bit; now it gets hard #firefox #ubuntu #sailfish #tizen

A Tale Of Two Studies: File Sharing Helps Sales! - but you already knew that

US government sued over use of #pesticides linked to #bee harm - great idea; why don't we do the same?

Samsung Covets Low-End of Smartphone Market, Too - they'd be mad not to - 

eBook Pirates “Hijack” Domain Name of Anti-Piracy Campaign - ha! #drm

A Tale Of Two Studies: Can File Sharing Both Harm And Help Sales? - great comparative analysis

Open Source: That's the Way to Do It - a fine distillation of how to use #opensource in any organisation #uk

Qui a peur de l'open access? - not us #openaccess (v @NeelieKroesEU) 

#India Says: 'There Is No Direct Correlation Between IP And #Innovation' - which is interesting... #patents

Accidental Email Exposes Trolls of Governing Party in #Spain - shabby stuff #es

#Brazil's music collecting societies convicted of forming an illegal cartel -  it's official #br

Leaked! MPAA Talking Points On Copyright Reform: Copyright Is Awesome For Everyone! - spectacular stupidity laid bare

#Leveson did't intend to regulate bloggers, SMEs or social networkers - good post

Don’t point the Leveson bazooka at bloggers - more thoughts...

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