Thursday, 28 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130326 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

taz.die tageszeitung receives Document Freedom Germany Award - well done chaps #dfd2013

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Japanese Strategic Diplomacy or Chinese Containment - looks intriguing #TPP #japan

Monthly report on #copyright reform in Poland – February, 2013 - interesting stuff, as ever #pl 

#Ecuador courts Chinese oil bids for Amazonian land - #china want to consume the entire planet? #oil #pollution

Last-ditch bid to dilute secret courts plan fails - I am disgusted by every politician involved in this #liberty #uk

How investment deals put democracy and the environment at risk - investor-state disputes must go #TAFTA #TPP

Vice minister discusses costs of #TPP - now #taiwanconsiders joining #madness

19 year old develops plan to clean up ocean trash vortexes - we must address this; hope it comes to fruition

You Don't "Own" Your Own Genes - let's hope #SCOTUSstrikes them all down... #genepatents

#Monsanto Teams up with Congress to Shred the Constitution - I think USians really ought to be worried about this...

SCOTUS Oral Arguments in FTC v. Actavis; Court to Decide Legality of Pay-For-Delay Settlement Agreements -

UK to freeze until end of April, forecasters say - denialists say: "perfectly normal, nothing to worry about..."

Miliband's Resignation Signals Labour 'Lurch To The Left', Claim Tories - matches their lurch to right (v @Glinner)

Lords demand Ofcom given more powers - insane: "to protect traditional broadcasters from online competition" (v @dml)

Pressure grows for #Dalligate truth: CEO complaints on Swedish Match & OLAF - wow, blowing up into major scandal #EU

Celebrate Document Freedom Day; Then We Win - we're making progress, but threats remain #dfd2013

Grisly Trend: Green Activists Are Facing Deadly Dangers - & unacceptable (v @specterm @carlzimmer)

I Abused The Family Dog. But It Was A Robot Dog, Which Makes It OK, Right? - will be a serious issue one day #ethics

#Turkey demands place at table as part of FTA talks - crowded around these tables #tafta #opendrafts

Spain takes Parliament & Council to Court over "#UnitaryPatent Package" - " chances of success do look promising" #EU

#Fracking 'linked to biggest Oklahoma #earthquake' - just another little externality, no? (v @Kurren @monkchips)

“Piracy Is Progress” Billboard on Times Square Divides Artists - interesting idea

Experts call for #BRICS free trade pact - the inevitable response to #TPP & #TAFTA #opendrafts

EU-US future FTA - good links, but nothing representing views of 500 million Europeans (v @PostActa)#TAFTA

To celebrate Document Freedom Day April has published a poster on open formats - free, obvs #dfd2013

science teacher "investigated" 'cos he used word "vagina" in lesson about human reproduction - (v @BoraZ @rocza)

Please Respond Now to Biased #IPRED Consultation - it's dreadful, so we need lots of responses #copyright #EU

China's Cultural Revolution: son's guilt over the mother he sent to her death - tragic story from times of madness

Loophole gives trademark owners unlimited Clearinghouse records - what an utter mess #icann

Rising energy bills will be reduced with climate policies, Ed Davey says - whereas with nuclear power...

Case study - #copyright review in Armenia - interesting #am

Καθηγητές χρησιμοποιούν όλο και περισσότερο την Wikipedia! - "χρήση της Βικιπαιδείας έχει ανέβει πολύ & στην Ελλάδα"

TurboTax Maker Funnels Millions To Lobby Against Easier Tax Returns - why we need #opensource here

Bundesregierung will offenbar #ACTA-Fehler bei #TAFTA wiederholen - have they learned nothing? (v @netzpolitik)

#Mozilla is Unlocking the Power of the Web as a Platform for #Gaming - open, too

Enterprise #Linux Growth Outpaces Windows - "Almost no one is building anything new with UNIX or Windows" (v @mjasay)

What you need to know about the world’s biggest #DDoS attack - good explanation #DNS

Integrity Default Alert: EU probes collusion in #banking sector - collusion? surely not...? #transparency

Whatever You Think Of The Google WiFi Settlement, It's Bad That It Requires Google To Attack Open WiFi - indeed

How the US Trade Rep Ratchets Up Worldwide Copyright Laws That Could Keep Your Devices Locked Forever - good analysis

The Power Of International Trade Agreements To Prevent You From Owning What You've Bought, & Why This Must Be Fixed -

MT @ioerror#Canada officially voted against evidence based scientific policy - & against free speech 4 scientists

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