Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140812 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Philip Morris threatens to sue Government if plain packaging introduced - what total scum; profits before people

Malen nach Zahlen - good piece how @EU_Commission is using fantasy growth figures to sell #TTIP (v @TeraEuro)

PLAIN CIGARETTE PACKAGING: A burning issue in the EU - shame on the 27 MEPs lobbying for cancer (v @corporateeurope)

15 Million Pages of Centuries-Old Medical Books Move to the Web - with a CC0 licence, I hope....

Big Tobacco’s £11bn UK attack could send EU-US trade deal up in flames - #TTIP's #ISDS will make this common

Rhinos to be Airlifted Across Africa to Save them from Extinction - great project, let's hope it works...

"#Snowden views MonsterMind as the ultimate threat to privacy" - good interview, new revelations... #nsa

"Greenwald found himself unable to open the encryption on a large trove of secrets from GCHQ" - why Miranda was held

Meet MonsterMind, the #NSA Bot That Could Wage Cyberwar Autonomously - what could possibly go wrong? (v @TeraEuro)

A4e ends £17m prisoner education contract citing budget constraints - no: you want profits, you take the loss too

#Spain’s internet law reforms will harm access to knowledge - "a tide of junk internet legislation" #a2k

Trade deal hands US power to rewrite NZ laws - the dangers lurking in "certification" #TPP #TTI

Libre-échange Canada-UE : les textes immédiatement et un débat public - " il est grand temps de briser le secret"

big: complete #CETA text leaked - all 521 pages of it; let's get digging #EU #ISDS

huge loophole in CETA's ISDS: "where impact of the measure is so severe in light of its purpose that it appears manifestly excessive" p. 184

that CETA ISDS loophole means that "public welfare objectives" do not provide a defence for changing laws - p.184

CETA: "courts of each Party responsible for determination of existence & validity of intellectual property rights" - ref. to Eli Lilly?

#Tungusic Twilight: Languages of Reindeer-herding Evenki and China’s Last Dynasty Threatened with Extinction - sad

Terrorist risk means privacy must take back seat to security - fear mongering at its worst... (v @BernardKeane)#AU

"EU expecting a few 100 replies. 1000s flooded in. They reveal a deep divide" - good piece by @Senficon #copyright

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