Thursday, 14 August 2014


 Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140813 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Los Angeles Police Develop Sudden Privacy Concerns When Someone Flies A Drone Over Their Parking Lot - </facepalm>

German television show leaks #CETA, Council of Canadians says deal will not survive public scrutiny - 'cos it's bad

#CETA "could drive up the cost Canadians pay for prescription drugs by a total of $850 million or more annually" -

“Will your party hand over our right to make laws to the US?” ask #NZ doctors - joining fight against #TPP

SWAT Team Shows Up In Ferguson, Detains Reporters Live Tweeting Their Actions - definitely not a police state...

The Gentle Art of Muddying the Licensing Waters - #Microsoft did it, now the publishers are doing it #FUD #openaccess

More Federal Employees Caught Using Work Computers To Access Porn, Claim 'Boredom' Made Them Do It - riiight

What's the matter with #PGP? - raises important issues about vital subject (v @TeraEuro)#crypto #nsa

Murder - Made in Britain - time to suspend arms sales to #Israel & #Russia (& elsewhere)

UK's Universal Credit rollout could take over 1,000 years - that's totally unrealistic; it'll take much longer...

& here's that leaked #CETA text they didn't want us to see - all 521 pages of it; let's get digging #EU #ISDS

Reef condition is ‘poor’, & probably worse than healthcheck suggests - "#climatechange is still the greatest threat"

#CETA leaks shows "treaty is more favorable to the European Union than to Canada" - you're being gulled, #Canada

“The U.S. is failing to keep its privacy promise to Europe” - Safe Harbour is a joke (v @CasparBowden @chesterj1)

Silicon Cities: Supporting the development of tech clusters outside London and the South East of England -

.@SeaWorld shares tumble 33% following Blackfish documentary - & I'm sure they'll go much lower than that...

Why are indigenous people left out of the sustainable development goals? - 'cos we can't admit how much we owe them

Twitter to Verified Users: Talk Amongst Yourselves! - the birth of the #twitteristocracy... (v @Aerocles @mathewi)

Welcome to the campaign to fight #TTIP - sign up here to UK day of action, 30 August

#NHS faces legal bill over dozens of eye operations botched by private provider - this is Tories' future healthcare

EU-Canada trade deal leak ‘ridicules’ TTIP consultation - exactly (v @ArthurNeslen)#CETA

Froman: "we are determined to help farmers sell more Made-in-America exports to world.” - whether or not they want it

Japan, U.S. make no progress in #TPP-related talks - again; maybe time to call it a day...?

Under Swiss Copyright Reform, Private Sharing & Downloads From Unauthorized Sources Would Still Be Legal - wise #ch

.@IVinvents Aims To Tax Wind Power Producers With New Batch Of Patents - profits before protecting humanity

What Happens to #Ferguson Affects Ferguson: Net Neutrality, Algorithmic Filtering - great post on crucial issues

#Certification Allows US Trade Negotiators to Rewrite TPP Copyright Rules - important new info on #TTP (& #TTIP)

Marina Silva emerges as obvious successor after Campos death - great news, if sad it happened this way

How making London greener could make Londoners happier – interactive map - ooh, let's do it

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