Saturday, 2 August 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140731 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

UK to become world number one in DNA testing with plan to revolutionise fight against cancer and rare diseases -

Rare Beltway Bipartisanship: Bashing Japan Trade Policy - I'm sure that will go down well in #Japan #TPP

Court Says Who Cares If Ireland Is Another Country, DOJ Can Use A Warrant To Demand Microsoft Cough Up Your Emails -

Russia ordered to pay £1.5bn to former Yukos shareholders - that's on top of $50 bn Yukos already won....

Public service #whistleblowers 'treated shockingly', report finds - great to see this being highlighted at last

Punish Music Pirates With Finger Amputations, Artist Says - ah, #copyright....

Bug spotting: Germans hold 'nature walks' to observe rare #NSA spy - Germany leads the way (again)

"For every kg of shrimp on your dinner table, 26kg of other sea animals were killed & tossed back into the sea" -

HP 255 G1 Laptop with #Ubuntu, now £199.98 - I've bought one of these - great value (no, I'm not on commission...)

Everyone I know is brokenhearted. - great piece, if a rather -ve; you know, do something - plenty of us are trying

French Company That Sells Exploits To The NSA Sat On An Internet Explorer Vulnerability For Three Years - pathetic

Minister: Sue Mums, Dads, Students To Send Anti-Piracy Message - lovely; how about selling what people want?

Oil industry's influence 'weakens' safeguards for EU citizens - @EU_Commission lets down its citizens again...

Thailand's ruling junta approves China rail links worth $23bn - hugely significant for the region - & #China's power

The Great Barrier Reef and the coal mine that could kill it - shame on the Australian government for this #AU

Windows XP falls below 25% market share while Windows 8.1 loses share for the first time - going down...

Language School's Blogger Fired For Writing A Post On Homophones; Director Fears Association With 'Gay Sex' - wha?

Major South Korean Pharmaceutical Company Ditches #Windows for #Ubuntu - small-scale, but notable

Austrian law student sues #Facebook…again - this man is a star #nsa

"Canadian government has been holding up finalizing #CETA due to fears of more Eli Lilly-style case" - #ISDS

Dining with Martin Rees, Stephen Hawking, and Paul Dirac - Trinity College, 1976; can't think why they didn't ask me

Who Is Behind #Gaza's Mass Execution? - disturbing (v @Brown_Moses @MaxBlumenthal)

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