Thursday, 31 July 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140730 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#Israel calls up another 16,000 reserves - but why? does it need reinforcements to kill even more children in #Gaza?

#Gaza and the Loss of Civilization - "What's clear is that no one has the moral high ground. " (v @Funzafunza)

Groser orders up protected Antarctic toothfish - he should resign #NZ

Greek court acquits farmers who shot 28 Bangladeshi strawberry pickers who dared to ask for back pay - what a shame

Ombudsman asks Council and Commission to publish more #TTIP documents
 - @EUombudsman is proving a really ally here

"wendet sich die Regierung gegen eine Einbeziehung des #ISDS in #TTIP" - official: Germany against (v @Bwassertisch)

Ombudsman joins call to open up EU-US trade talks - pressure really building on @EU_Commission #TTIP #TAFTA

Gatwick brings in reinforcements after baggage delays - "company is using staff on zero-hours contracts" #swissport

KAFTA enables Korean miners to sue over environmental regulation - the reality of #ISDS (v @JimboStanford)#AU

A Shattered Childhood: The War on #Gaza's Kids - #israel

Oil refinery threatened by sea-level rise, asks government to fix problem - the ultimate hypocrisy (v @andrea_licata)

US says Israeli attack on UN school was 'totally unacceptable' - while continuing to supply yet more weapons #gaza

I agree #Israel should destroy Hamas' tunnels - but only on Israel's side of border; then there's no need to kill children in #Gaza....

Watch Sen. Whitehouse, a badass, totally own Sen. Inhofe, a climate change denier, on climate change impressive

big: India puts #GM crop trials on hold - "to not surrender country’s food security to foreign companies" #monsanto

10 reasons to be hopeful that we will overcome climate change - let's accentuate the positive for a change...

NY judge, ruling against Microsoft, says US warrant can access email stored in Ireland - everybody take note of this

Resources for composers - as recommended by Eric...

Botageddon - "when the number of #bots on the planet outnumber us 1,000 to one"; interesting

101 Geysers on Enceladus (and What They Imply) - ooh, exciting... #science

NY Port Authority Claims To Own The NYC Skyline: Tells Store To Destroy Skyline-Themed Plates - bonkers

#Gaza crisis: UN, US announce ceasefire to begin Friday morning - let's hope it holds...

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