Monday, 28 July 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140727 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#Fracking push gets go-ahead across UK as ministers tighten safeguards - "safeguards" worthless; "politically toxic"

 Indian Government Launches MyGov, An Ideation Platform - interesting #india

Labour to allow #cooperatives and #mutuals to run railway franchises - great idea, could be applied to #NHS too...

Bee research tainted by corporate funding, MPs say - important: why US call for "science-based" #TTIP is a sham

3 New Kinds of #OpenSource: DNA, Journalism, Shoes - includes @bellingcat; amazing approach is spreading so widely

Facebook has only “pivoted” on one kind of privacy — in other ways, it’s becoming more dangerous - yup

Abkommen EU/Kanada wackelt - "weitere Schwierigkeiten für #TTIP sind programmiert" (v @TeraEuro @688i)#CETA

Open access: effective measures to put UK research online under threat? - sensible piece about next moves #oa

EU/Canada free trade deal and disputes over investor protection: a silver lining or a cloud? - interesting analysis

Killing The Golden Goose: Copyright Holders Demand More Cash As Streaming Music Services Struggle To Be Profitable -

Spain Likely To Pass 'Google Tax'; Makes Paying For News Snippets An 'Inalienable Right' - #spain, you're ridiculous

When she finished her pitch, the investor said he didn’t invest in women - </facepalm>

Ford and General Motors Sued Over ‘CD Ripping Cars’ - perhaps they'd like to lobby for copyright reform?

Tight Measurement of Exoplanet Radius - "height of person standing on Jupiter to within three quarters of an inch.”

'Fat taxes' do work, EU report finds - let's go for it, then....

Government pushes ahead with #fracking plan despite wide opposition - will this become the new #polltax revolt?

EFF Asks Court To Declare NSA's 'Internet Backbone' Collections Unconstitutional - sounds right to me but IANAL

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