Thursday, 3 July 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140702 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#TTIP is “not about full liberalisation” - "I have explained how we can make progress pragmatically" = circumvention

PhRMA Wants US To Use #TAFTA/#TTIP To Stop EU Releasing Basic Drug Safety Information - want to cancel new EU law

Australia wins first battle in plain packaging trade dispute - that's good #ISDS

Goldman says client data leaked, wants Google to delete email - </facepalm>

Mozilla Global Science Hack – A must-attend event for scientists who want programs -

#TTIP: debunking the business propaganda over investor rights - superbly detailed & referenced #ISDS

NB: time is running out to respond to @EU_Commission consultation on #ISDS in #TTIP: see here easy ways to reply -

Should #TTIP rewrite our laws? Business groups think so - how US demands chlorine chickens & GM soya to come to EU

PM must exclude #NHS from #TTIP or it could be sued, union warns - a certainty (v @HAIEurope @ALTEREU)

I've just sent my response to EU #TTIP consultation on #ISDS; what I wrote - pl. send yours soon - only 2 days left

#Africa Under 'Unprecedented' Pressure From Rich Countries Over Trade - such double standards by West (v @cybeardjm)

Clegg: Westminster child abuse claims should be investigated by police - too right; probably even worse than Savile..

OpenBuilds Open Source Embroidery machine - neat

Liquid Lies Revisited - good debunking of UK government scaremongering over terrorism

African leaders vote themselves immunity from new human rights court - shameless much? #africa

Hollywood Goes After Korean Fans Subtitling Soap Operas, Pressing Criminal Charges - typical copyright madness

Dutch liberal @SophieintVeld wins @transparency lawsuit against the Council of Ministers - great work - well done

#NSA's XKeyscore Source Code Leaked! Shows #Tor Users Classified As 'Extremists' - also email content collected

Government Leadership on #Antibiotic Resistance — in Europe - good video - worth watching and sharing

Price of ivory in China triples - come on, #China please sort this: you are exterminating elephants from this planet

Study: Open Data Produces Twice the Economic Growth of TTIP - so let's bin #TTIP, & push for #opendata instead

The European Commission wants your views on #ISDS - but you have only 2 days left - please respond now #TTIP/#TAFTA

NSA targets the privacy-conscious - the big #NSA #Tor story, full English version

Judith Weir: the female music master with royal seal of approval - yay: I carried a tam-tam for her once...

#NSA: Linux Journal is an "extremist forum" and its readers get flagged for extra surveillance - no, seriously...

The European Commission Wants to Bring Back #ACTA Through the Back Door! - deep contempt for European public again...

RT @nitot Roger Dingledine from @torproject : we have a million users a day @MozillaParis >>so that's a million extremists a day, no, NSA?

NO 2 ISDS! now up to 14,000 signatories - surely we can get it to 20,000, eh, people? - #ISDS #TTIP

Brasil pode ter perdido US$ 3,7 bilhões em uma única fraude - what??? #br

Private rail firms to face franchise fight with state under Labour - typical half-baked idea: just re-nationalise

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