Monday, 21 July 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140720 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Thai government urged to drop libel case against British slavery researcher - #Thailand wants to look ridiculous...

TPP Agreement: A bad deal for access to medicines - many people will die as direct result of #TPP

Cut off power to #Gaza dialysis patients, Knesset deputy speaker urges - what can you say? (v @jilliancyork)

.@berndlange:"#TTIP-Verhandlungen bis nach der Konstituierung der neuen EU-Kommission & den Zwischenwahlen in den USA ruhen zu lassen"

TPP risks weaker world trade system - ex WTO boss - #TPP will be a disaster: time to bin it...

 Xi raises concerns over Gaza civilian killings - "#China has always supported the just cause of Palestinian people"

Journalistic Malpractice: The Media Enables the Right-Wing Politicization of Science - true

Another Argument Against The “Artist Must Get Paid” Nonsense - good point

The Benefits of Failing at French - nicely upbeat conclusion

A selected bibliography of Coptic phonology - amazing resource...if you're into Coptic #linguistics

#TTIP Update XXXIII - the crescendo of voices raised against #ISDS - at the highest EU levels - is becoming deafening

Tod eines Handelsabkommens - excellent, detailed history of decline & fall of #TTIP (v @campact)

#OpenJournalism Leads The Way In Investigating The Crash Of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 - important new field

How the coalition is stopping the reintroduction of wildlife to the UK - "one-way system for biodiversity loss"

A license to spy – cross-border data flows in TTIP - why #NSA #surveillance and #TTIP are intimately related Blasts Italy For Site Blocking Without Transparency - too right

Auch sechste #TTIP-Verhandlungsrunde ohne nennenswerte Ergebnisse beendet - INTA boss @berndlange says put it on hold

Die 5,3-Billionen-Dollar-Wette -!142685/ huge point: currency fluctuations vastly bigger than #TTIP gains (v @Liese_Mueller)

Why #Israel is losing the social media war over #Gaza - good analysis, 2nd point especially important (v @karounos)

Calling time on #TTIP - "health community is also extremely concerned with chapter on technical barriers to trade"

#TPP: The “Trade” Deal that Could Inflate Your Healthcare Bill - US people: read carefully, get angry, then act now

.@w3c Launches Push for Social Web Application Interoperability - fab; with or without #DRM...? (v @evanpro)

New Trade Agreements Gut Environmental Protections - good to see this from @audubonsociety #TPP #TAFTA #TTIP

Paterson's 'green blob' tirade reveals the right's problem with climate change - good takedown of sad sack

‘BRICS Bank capital might not be held in US dollars’ - now that would be significant...

US poultry standards draw criticism - EU’s stringent requirements for combating infection "from farm to fork" #TTIP

The 'Fingerprinting' Tracking Tool That's Virtually Impossible to Block - sneaky #privacy

Trending: Attractive People Sharing Upbeat News About #Tibet - fascinating move #china

Armed bandits demand #water in dry northern India - welcome to the future (v @Glinner)#climatechange

California Highway Patrol Seizes Medical Records Of Woman An Officer Was Caught On Tape Beating - great post

Verkoop tweedehands e-boek mag - Dutch court says ebooks may be sold secondhand (v @jwildeboer)#copyright

"manual with many specific words and phrases to help you communicate effectively in support of Israel" - fascinating

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